Sanjay Joshi victim of inhuman ploy: RSS

The targeted sting operations are meant to break the backbone of political opposition: RSS.

delhi Updated: Dec 31, 2005 19:10 IST

Describing former BJP General Secretary Sanjay Joshi, who resigned in the wake of a CD showing him in poor light, as a "victim of inhuman ploy", the RSS on Saturday alleged that the "targeted" sting operations were meant to "break the backbone of political opposition".

"We have no doubt that he is a victim of an inhuman ploy. He is innocent. The CD, the audio cassette and letters, all anonymous, were fake. But some people were at it systematically. A canard was spread tenaciously. We should not grant voyeurism the dignity of an expose.

"For anyone to sneak into somebody's alleged bedroom and record so-called intimate moments are criminal. And those responsible should be exposed an punished. Character assassination is a time-tested method in political arm twisting. The targeted sting operations are meant to break the backbone of political opposition", said an editorial in the latest issue of its mouthpiece 'Organiser'.

It also counselled BJP top brass that any leadership confronting such situation needs a "very humane, generous and long-term perspective of the issue in hand. For, hypocrisy is the reigning ideology in politics".

"There cannot be any condoning of moral turpitude. At the same time, we have to be watchful for the larger machinations to defame the movement as a whole. Knee-jerk responses to blackmail tactics can only weaken us from within", it said.

While lauding the BJP's political resolution for reiterating the party's concern about "unbirdled conversions, Bangladeshi infiltration and call for complete integration of Kashmir", it said the celebrations should mark a new beginning in "ideological clarity, organisational coherence , above all virtues of camaraderie".

First Published: Dec 31, 2005 18:36 IST