So sari, says discotheque

Can a woman enter a discotheque in a sari? Going by Colonel DK Dass and his wife’s experience, the answer is a definite no, reports Tanya Ashreena.

delhi Updated: Feb 17, 2009 01:01 IST
Tanya Ashreena
Tanya Ashreena
Hindustan Times

Can a woman enter a discotheque in a


? Going by Colonel DK Dass and his wife’s experience, the answer is a definite no.

“Nowhere in the country are women allowed to enter discotheques wearing saris. How can a woman dance wearing a sari? It attracts unwanted attention,” said K.N Umesh, manager of Black, a discotheque in Pacific Mall in Ghaziabad.

It was at this discotheque Colonel Dass and his wife were barred from entering on February 13. Colonel Dass’ wife was wearing a sari.

Clearly upset, he argued with the management. “The sari is our national dress. Being in the army, I know what is considered appropriate and what is not. But the sari has always been regarded as formal wear,” he said.

His arguments fell on deaf ears, and he was forced to cancel his night out. “On one hand, you have radicals banning Western wear and at this discotheque women in saris are barred entry,” he said.

But it doesn’t stop here. Even men in kurta pyjamas, jootis and chappals are barred entry as these are against “club rules”. However, when asked where such rules are specified, club owners failed to explain. “These are the accepted norms,” Umesh said.

“Women may wear saris and salwar kurtas in marriages, but discotheques are different. You have a dress code to adhere to.”

However, Nishta Jain, a student, disagrees. “This is ridiculous. If women can dance in saris in weddings, why can’t they do so in clubs?” she asked.

Several discotheques in the capital, such as Elevate don’t allow Indian clothing. However, Decibel, F-bar & Lounge and Tzers are more lenient.

Sapan Mukherjee, operations manager, Tzers, said, “We are not in a position to deem it inappropriate.”

First Published: Feb 17, 2009 00:17 IST