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Thirst quenchers

From amla sherbet to blueberry milk to green tea latte, experts evaluate if these recently launched summer drinks pack a punch. Thirst quenchers

delhi Updated: Jun 01, 2013 00:51 IST
Hindustan Times

Crystal Light

Taste: It comes in a powdered form to be mixed with water. Think creative you and mix fruit chunks for home- style sangria
Healthwise: The packaging says artificial flavours mentioned in bold — a good thing as they are honest about the contents. It gives 5 calories per serving and has citric and malic acids. Nutritionist Tapasya Mundhra says, “It’s a drink you can enjoy occasionally.” Rs 315 for 24.6 gm, at Foodhall, DLF Promenade

Tropicana Medley

Taste: The new orange, apple medley is not too sweet which is a plus point. It can be a good choice for breakfast.
Healthwise: Mundhra says, “It claims to be fat free with no added sugar and preservative.” It also has folic acid. Rs 89 for 1 litre, at grocery stores

Cremica Strawberry Syrup

Taste: The sweet thick syrup takes care of your sugar cravings; it can be mixed with milk to make a soothing summer drink. The chocolate and strawberry flavours are neither too strong nor too mild so they can be just right for the kids.
Healthwise: Mundhra says, “Despite high sugar content (62gm), it is an effective way to add milk to your diet. It can be a great way to lure kids into having milk as it is essential for calcium intake.” The package specifies that it contains added flavours, colours and preservatives so one is not mislead into believing its pure strawberry crush. R180 for 700gm, at leading stores

Rasna Ju-C

Taste: The ready-to-drink juice comes in apple, mango, orange and mixed fruit flavours. Slightly on the sweeter side, the drink makes for a refreshing glassful.
Healthwise: Nutritionist Leena Mogre says, “It has Vitamin C which strengthens immunity. Other Vitamins such as D, B1, B2, B3 etc make it a better pick than a carbonated drink.” The antioxidants also keep you refreshed. R75 for 1 litre, at leading stores

Big tom

Taste: Nutritionist Leena Mogre says, “The spiced tomato juice can be had alone but serves best if mixed with few more herbs and diluted to get a refreshing flavoured water taste during summers. It can also be used to spike summer mocktails.”
Healthwise: It is big on herbs and contains marjoram, lemon, celery, coriander and cardamom. Mundhra says, “It also contains spirit and malt vinegar, so should be had in moderation.” R250 for 160 ml at Godrej Nature’s Basket

Life juice

Taste: Comes in flavours such as ginger ale, mango, lychee and amla, the concentrates are a good accompaniment to snacks. The ginger ale mixed with soda or water makes for a nice drink for those who like the strong ginger flavour. The mango and lychee may remind you of childhood concentrates that spelt summer evenings.
Healthwise: The primary ingredients being water sugar syrup and fruit pulp it can be a fitting choice for kids. It also contains a good dosage of Vitamin C (12.5 gm) and gives 65kcal/100ml R35 for 600 ml, at

Just Milk

Taste: The new flavoured milk from Gagan has flavours such as coffee, butterscotch, blueberry and elaichi. The milk is refreshing and nourishing. It’s not too milky but gives a balanced flavour of milk.
Healthwise: Mogre says, “It contains artificial flavouring substances, except for that, the drink is great for summer. The fortified vitamins are beneficial and it is great for those who like milk. It also has calcium (120gm) and gives 79.5kcal of energy per 100gm. Lactose intolerant people should avoid it though.” R20 for 180ml, at leading stores

Tata Water Plus

Taste: It’s your regular mineral water but with an added goodness of nutrients. It’s very refreshing and quenches thirst.
Healthwise: Mundhra says, “ It contains zinc and copper and is based on our traditional practice of storing water in a copper vessel for nutritional benefits. Low zinc and copper can lead to fatigue and lethargy so it’s an excellent way to keep body hydrated and nourished.” The company claims that 1 litre of water meets 30% of RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for zinc and 40% RDA for copper. R20 for 1 litre, at leading stores


Taste: It feels nice as ice on a hot summer day. The goodness of water combined with a fresh, fruity hint, it comes in three variations. Leena Mogre says, “Its cooling, rejuvenating and gives a great spin to flavoured water”
Healthwise: It’s excellent to quench thirst as it has got no extra additives or harmful ingredients. Mundhra says, “It is non-carbonated and gives the goodness of Vitamins B3, B4, B9 AND B12. The zero fat factor is a boost for diet watchers.” R30 for 500 ml at departmental stores

Pepsi Atom

Taste: The new fizzier cola from Pepsi promises to be stronger. While the cola is higher on fizz it doesn’t hit you hard, instead it has notes of a sublime flavour that tastes different from other colas in the market.
Healthwise: Leena Mogre says, “Since it is carbonated water mixed with high sugar (10g/100gm) it can’t come into the health drink territory. It instantly spikes up the insulin, which however later translates into fat. It doesn’t nourish but can cool you down on a hot summer day.” The drink gives 42 cal of energy and contains permitted colours. R15 for 250ml can, at leading stores

Nirvana Coconut Water

Taste: Mundhra says, “It’s sweeter than our regular coconut water but this could also be because the company claims to use only coconuts harvested from groves of Nakorn Pathom, Ban Preaw and Ampawa in Thailand, which are known to produce larger and sweeter coconuts. It gives a nutritious and refreshing taste.”
Healthwise: Mundhra adds, “It claims it does not contain any preservatives and sugar, in that case it can be a great drink. The green tea latte is good in antioxidants. The canned variation comes handy if you are on the move.” R135 for 280ml at Foodhall

Ocean Spray

Taste: The juice serves as a good accompaniment with your breakfast. Made from juice concentrates, it gives an instant energy boost.
Healthwise: It promises 50 calories per serving and can be replenishing during summer days. Mundhra says, “If mixed with soda it can help indigestion, which is a common problem during these months.” The texture is not too sweet and the packaging says it has no artificial colours or flavours. R395 for 1.89 litres at Foodhall, DLF Promenade.

Thirst quenchers

First Published: May 31, 2013 23:03 IST