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What Delhi is saying (via SMS)

Let not our spirit of religious tolerance fade even in this age of rage - Surinder Marwah...

delhi Updated: Dec 06, 2008 20:44 IST

Delhiites pour out their sympathies for Mumbaiikars post the hostage crisis - through SMSes sent to HT City...

Let not our spirit of religious tolerance fade even in this age of rage.
-- Surinder Marwah

I am with Mumbai till my last breath and would like to help in any way I can.
Dr Sanjiv Gupta

The problem with us was that we had a fading memory. But the change has occurred. Today India stands united with Mumbai to battle terrorism.
-- Devesh Lal

We sympathise with victims of terrorism in India. Let’s be united as we are all one.
-- Mousumi

Have you donated money for the families of the departed? If not, then do it now.
-- MS Anand

Mumbai is a rocking city and I personally feel sad for it. We should not kill the terrorist but torture them like hell.
-- Sahil Nanda

Just learn from the mistakes that lead to Mumbai’s attack and ensure that this will never happen again in the future. May god bless all souls.
-- Savi

Hello Mumbai. At this moment Delhi stands with you. You are not alone. We all stand united with you against terrorism.
-- Rajat Bharadwaj

We should go ahead and face those who are spoiling our beautiful country and let them know that we stand united.
Sumit Srivastava

This terrorism has united all Indians to stand against it as one nation. Jai Hind.
-- Anonymous

We would prefer to have a dog in our house rather than a politician.
-- Anonymous

The attack on Mumbai was an assault on the spirit of India. But we will never give up. Thank to our brave commandos who fought non-stop for 60 hrs in against the terrorists in Mumbai. God bless the souls of the brave martyrs and give strength to their families.

We, the people of Delhi are with the people of Mumbai. Jai hind
-- Anonymous

Dear Mumbai, we are here to fight for your tears.
-- Anonymous

The difference between Delhi and Mumbai is just in kms, as people we are one and we stand together against terror.
-- Pankaj Gupta

We Indians stand as one and are ready to fight terrorism. Whatever happened in Mumbai was truly disgusting, and we no longer will we watch the tamasha.
-- Gunjan Chouhan

I, and every Delhi-ite, salute the spirit of Mumbai and every Indian is with you guys to fight against terror.
-- Harsh Gautam

Mumbai don’t worry. We are always with you. Chak de India chak de sorrow.

Hi Mumbaikars. We Delhi-ites know you are going through a tough time of your life. Don’t think that you people are alone. We are with you.
-- Anonymous

The love for Mumbai is endless in our hearts.
-- Anonymous

We love Mumbai. Above everything, we are all Indians.
-- Anonymous

These animals have crossed their limits and now it is time to teach them a lesson. I pray for all those who have lost their loved ones and salute our brave soldiers.
-- Chandni Rai

They might have left all of us shaken, but what they could not shake is our unity. Together with you we stand against terrorism. Jai hind!
-- Shalini Masih

I’m deeply depressed and can understand the difficult time you guys are going through. We can surely make a difference. May god bring back the joy and peace the cowards destroyed. I salute the spirit of Mumbaikars. We love and care for you.
-- Riya Bhowmick

As an Indian, I would like to emphasise the fact that all of us must rise above caste, region and religion and think about India as our religion.
-- Anonymous

We are not Marathis but Indians who stand hand in hand at the time of need, irrespective of our religion. We are always with you Mumbai.
-- Anonymous

There are different religions but the essence of every religion is the same – love, compassion, and humanity. Terrorism has no religion.
-- Anurima & Wasim

In this time of grief and solitude, for the sake of all those who suffered from instability, insecurity and sacrificed their lives for us, we will always stand by Mumbai and our country to fight back inhumanity and terrorism.
-- Tanusree

I know that nothing can shake the spirit of Mumbai. We are all Indians and will definitely fight against terror. Come, let’s be one and fight together.
-- Viditya Chaudhary

Let’s not forget that all of us are Indians and we’ll stand united no matter what happens. Delhi will always support you Mumbai
-- Anonymous

We know a million consolations cannot heal the wound that has been inflicted on this great city. It is not just your wound, but ours. It is not just Mumbai but all of India that bleeds today. For thousands of years our great nation fought adversity and emerged victorious. This time too, victory shall be ours. But for that, all of us need to draw upon our reserves of courage and contribute in fighting this menace.
-- Anonymous

Dear Manmohan Singh, You are an honest man and the PM of India. Please save India from corrupt and useless netas and government babus.
-- J Saraswat

Everyone should start a revolution against terrorism -- whether Delhi-ite or Mumbaikars
-- Anonymous

"The attack on India is due to the corrupt administration only. First, let us fight against this. The whole world knows that in India, you can go any extent by giving some notes. It's high time we unite and pressurise the government to hike the pay-scales of all armed forces including the police, enabling them to refuse any bribe and be vigilant. Give them the latest weapons. And finally, withdraw the NSG from guarding all and sundry politicians. Even terrorists don't want to kill them. Let us stand united."
-- Anonymous

I do not know what omen has struck this blessed country. It's almost like our unity and solidarity is being challenged.
-- Anonymous

"More than a lakh people gathered at the Gateway. This shows the spirit of Mumbai-ites. Delhi also showed great spirit. I am proud that I am an Indian."
-- Ankur, Noida

It pains me to know the way in which the Kerala CM behaved with the great martyr Unnikrishan's family.
-- Anonymous

The security of netas should be removed for 60 days so that they realize how the common man feels in this country under their impotent Leadership. To hell with human rights -- amputate the hands of Kasav -- to prevent future killings, even if we have to return him after another hijack.
-- KK Kapur, Delhi

I salute the spirit of the Mumbai people and am proud of our NSG commandos for their contribution in this war against terrorism.
-- Rahul Verma

Since the real truth about the government failure was shown on TV channels, they now want channels to stop airing. What a shame!
-- J Saraswat

Let's forget about who is north or south Indian. It's high time that we stand and show the world that we are one nation and we are there for each other.
-- Parul, Delhi

Hi Mumbai. We are always with you. I'll be glad if I am of some use. We will soon get rid of the terrorists.
-- Jyoti Sharma, Indirapuram

"India is our country. No religion can divide us. There is only one religion and that is humanity. Come, let's be one, be united."
-- Aman, Paschim Vihar

It's not the question of a Delhi-ite loving a Mumbaikar but an Indian supporting a fellow Indian.
-- Anonymous

"I m deeply horrified at what happened in Mumbai. It's not just Mumbai, it's part of our India only. So we all should do something."
-- Anonymous

Netas and babus zero. Media and the people of India and security forces are the real heroes.
-- J Saraswat

"The attack was not on Mumbai, but on every city in India. Delhi will stand by Mumbai always, because we are one. Delhi is the Nation's heart and Mumbai its spirit. Doesn't matter which city was attacked, it's been an attack on India and all Indians must emerge strong."
-- Priya Kapur, Delhi

"It's not Delhi or Mumbai. India should stand as one to fight terrorism. The whole nation is there with Mumbai now -- United we stand, divided we fall."
-- Anonymous

"We really love you Mumbai. You are a very important part of us and we are also hurt if you are hurt. We are with you and love you."
-- Annapurna Gohil

"I know that Mumbai is recovering fast. The Forces have done a great job, all of them. I salute you all!"
-- Ankur, Noida

"Let's be together, be united and fight against terrorism. In any manner we can help Mumbai, we will do so. Because it's our nation.
-- Bhawna, Krishan Nagar

"In this time of grief and solitude, for the sake of all those who suffered from instability, insecurity and sacrificed their lives for us, we the Indians came out strong and united to stand by Mumbai and our country, and to fight back inhumanity and terrorism - to save India.
-- Tanusree, Noida

It's not about Delhi or Mumbai. We are one and it's about our India. It's an attack on us and we are in pain.
-- RJ Shveta

First of all, lots of thanks to the NSG commandos! From the core of my heart, I support Mumbai. Mumbai my Soul
-- Saaxat Bhasi

"We are with you Mumbai. We are Indians. Let us show these cowards that we have the fire within us that can burn them. Vande Mataram!"
-- Shilpi V, Delhi

"Delhi and Mumbai are the children of the same mother. If something happens to one, the other is always there for support. Saluting the spirit of Mumbai!"
-- Anonymous

"Forgiving a terrorist is left to God. But fixing their appointment with God is our responsibility."
-- Capt. Deepak Sharma, Delhi

"We are deeply affected by what happened to Mumbai and we just want to spread the message that we are always there for love and support in any form -- emotional, mental, psychological and financial -- for our fellow countrymen. Hope one day we will be able to uproot terrorism from the world."
-- Nancy, Gurgaon

"Those who died in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks are like my blood relations. Now it's my Delhi's duty to support Mumbai with solid actions."
-- Saaxaat Joshi

We are all Indians. I call all my brothers and sisters to show the world that every Indian united can destroy terrorism.
-- Dr TC Sharma

"We are very proud of the NSG commandos who have saved many lives in Mumbai and therefore, Salute them and their parents."
-- Mrs and Mr HK Sharma, Delhi

Inspite of all the anti-northIndian rhetoric of Raj Thackrey, our heart still bleeds for Mumbai. For ours is a one nation, one country.
-- Swati

We salute NSG and Mumbaikars for their courage and support them from the bottom of our hearts.
-- Jagdish Saluja, Pitampura, Delhi

I'm a visitor from Canada. I love India and each Indian who lives in Canada. They salute Mumbai. We all are with you. Love you Mumbai.
-- Lokesh Mehta, Canada

I am an Indian and love my India. Mumbai is a part of India and it truly hurts when one of its parts bleeds.
Shrikant, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

Hats off Mumbai!! We in Delhi grieve for you and assure you that each one stands alongside you in facing all challenges. - Ravi Vyas (+91-981101196)

Netas, enough of your useless speeches. Get to work for the country now. Wake up. Read the writing on the wall.
- J Saraswat (+91-9810783866)

Solution to the problem 1.) Identify a terrorist. 2) Kill him on the spot. 3) Don't arrest him and feed him. Unhe paalne ki zarurat nahi.4) Revenge

-- Anonymous(+91-9811618407)

I am numb with grief. We must unite. We must protect our motherland. We are ready to make groups to take care of children, the aged, and the ailing in case of a crisis.

-- Anonymous(+91-9418040873)

I was a man who always thought of competition between Delhi and Mumbai, but after this tragedy my heart and mind has changed.

-- Anonymous(+91-9999202233)

Give Z-security to every citizen.

-- Anonymous(+91-9810367001)

Hi India. The time has come that India should also attack Pakistan in the same way they are doing. We should also send our men to attack them - an eye for an eye.

-- Anonymous(+91-9212810667)

I just want to tell the Mumbaikars that Delhi and the nation stands by them now and forever. I feel really bad for the people who lost loved ones and I salute those who died.

-- Rajji(+91-9899047008)

We have to make 'Them' (Pakistani Govt) believe that terrorists in their country are not only ruining our country but theirs too.
-- Ram Kumar (+91-9210348191)

Hi Mumbai. We can understand the grief and sorrow you all are going through. I believe we all should not only fight against terrorism but definitely do something…

-- Anonymous (+91-9212401444)

We salute your courage, integrity, and togetherness at this hour of human crisis, you bravehearts.

-- Arti Midha (+91-9999981920)

To start with, the PM should remove all security of government officials. If we, as citizens of India, live with fear of the bullet so should THEY. -
-- Prachi Sharma (+91-9811179659)

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