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Write down whatever you learn, solve sample papers

Snehi, an NGO that provides counselling to students to help cope with examination stress, discusses some common problems that students are confronted with during exams.

delhi Updated: Feb 13, 2012 12:07 IST
Hindustan Times
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Snehi, an NGO that provides counselling to students to help cope with examination stress, discusses some common problems that students are confronted with during exams.

I am a Class 12 science student. Despite sleeping well, I feel drowsy all day long. I can’t seem to retain what I study and I feel I am wasting valuable time. I am also eating a lot a and have gained weight. I am very tensed and I don’t know what to do.

To perform well in any activity, we need to have a well-planned strategy, which includes the useful activities and excludes the ones that are not top priority. Lack of interest or being overworked could be the reason behind feeling sleepy. You should strike a balance between study and leisure. Include some physical activity in your routine. Have fixed study hours and take small breaks in between. Write down what you have learnt and solve sample papers.

I have been performing poorly and could not clear my Math and Chemistry papers in the pre-boards. I want to pursue Economics. I am also constantly compared to my cousin who is also in Class 12. Please help me, since my morale is very low.

No two individuals can be compared as each one is unique. Don’t waste time dwelling on that. Instead, focus on yourself. Set realistic targets for yourself as per your capabilities. Identify the cause of poor performance in Chemistry and Math and work on it. Find specific solutions with the help of your teacher, tutor or any other competent person so that similar mistakes are not repeated. Draw out a time table so that you use your remaining time to the fullest. If possible, try to communicate with your parents about your interests.

I am studying for my 12th Board exams. I am very perturbed because despite my all effort, I am not studying as much as I need to. I am addicted to the Internet and spend hours on it. I used to be a good student before that but my performance has gone down drastically now. Please help.

I can understand your situation. As you rightly pointed out, you are addicted to the Internet. At this juncture, you must refrain from logging on to the net as much as possible. Secondly, try and get the Internet connection in your house disconnected. You could also ask either of your parents to take leave and stay with you till your exams are over so that you’re not tempted to waste time.

I am a student of Class 12 and my exams are just 20 days away. My home environment is very tense and gradually becoming unsafe. My father is an alcoholic and things are deteriorating at home. I am planning to run away from home and no one comes forward to help us because he is a very senior officer in the government. I don’t know what to do in this situation.

I understand that your situation must be very difficult to cope with. As you mentioned that this is a very crucial time for you because you want to move away after your class 12 exams for a better education. This will be only possible if you stop yourself from the idea of running away at present. I know it has become really difficult for you to continue staying in this environment but you have to continue sitting for the exams and doing well in them. You can look for alternative accommodation for yourself for now with your friend so that you can concentrate on your studies.

My daughter studies in class 12. When she prepares a particular subject, she feels like she has forgotten whatever she has learnt. She also makes a lot of mistakes while writing the answers. All this is making her very tense and she is losing confidence. She has also very high expectations of herself. How can we help her?

Around this time of the year, students face a high level of performance anxiety. To beat this, they must stay relaxed. Ask her to start writing down whatever she learns in order to avoid making mistakes.

Solving sample papers within a stipulated time limit will help her retain the subject matter. Ask her to focus on selective study and take help wherever required. Help her to be realistic vis-à-vis her expectations. She must also take a break and relax in ways that she enjoys.

First Published: Feb 12, 2012 23:20 IST