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IP College inaugurates Centre for Earth Studies

PUBLISHED ON SEP 01, 2016 07:36 AM IST

NEW DELHI: Delhi University’s Indraprastha College for Women inaugurated its Centre for Earth Studies (CES) on Wednesday. The new centre will be a point of convergence for research, projects, prog rammes and activities for environmental protection and sustainable development.

The centre was conceptualised by the college principal Babli Moitra Saraf to keep students engaged with the environment.

“It is an interdisciplinary centre which will allow teachers, students to start pilot projects where they can work towards sustainable environment. This is also a way to achieve holistic development of the students,” Saraf said.

CES co-ordinator Anindita Roy Saha said: “The centre will be a forum for researchers, academicians and all those who are working and concerned about the environment. IP College will provide support in terms of faculty and all the resources.”

The centre also launched a certificate course called “Disaster Management and Risk Preparedness”. This year, the course will be open to students of college. Depending on demand, the course will be available to outside students from next semester onwards.

“The department of Environmental Studies and the Eco club of the college has already done projects like tree census, waste paper recycling, kitchen waste management among others, so the centre will formalise these projects. Even researchers and NGOs can collaborate with the centre, ” Saha said.

The colle ge has applied for sanction of a Department of Geography. Once this is approved, the department will be a part of the centre.

College students have been working on bird watching, bird nesting projects and wildlife rescue projects. At present, the centre is funded by the college itself.

The first Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (JIID) was also released on Wednesday.

This will now be a bi-annual paper where researchers can submit their papers and get them published.

Along with this centre, the college will also soon start a Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, where it will adopt migrant labours working in the campus and conduct outreach programmes.

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