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Karan Johar calls Priyanka spineless, lame?

Priyanka Chopra's unnamed friends insinuated that a powerful producer-director who can make or break careers, has not been kind to Priyanka behind her back. Karan Johar is reportedly upset with the actress, he lashed out at her on Twitter saying...

entertainment Updated: Apr 04, 2012 14:38 IST
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Reportedly in response to an article in Tuesday's Mumbai Mirror that has actor Priyanka Chopra's unnamed friends defending her position in the alleged affair with Shah Rukh Khan, filmmaker Karan Johar lashed out at her on Twitter. "Using their hired PR machinery and hiding behind so called "friends" to get news into tabloids is nothing but spineless and lame!!!

"Some people need to wake up and smell the KOFFEE!!! Get a reality check before its too late!!! Grow up!!! and dont mess with goodness....," he further added.

Priyanka Chopra's close friend had disclosed to the tabloid that a powerful producer-director who can make or break careers, has not been kind to Priyanka behind her back.

Priyanka Chopra and Karan Johar at Agneepath promo launch

“At a recent party while he was feeding her cupcakes, she heard rumours of him bitching her out-all this is very hurtful,” a close associate of the actress told the tabloid.

The associate-cum-friend believes that a powerful clique of star wives is behind anti-Priyanka stories. “Priyanka has done nothing wrong. If these women are insecure about their relationships with their husbands, they should sort it out with them, at home. Why should they attack her?” Priyanka's close friend had told the tabloid.

Recent Twitter wars:

Actor Ayesha Takia has expressed her strong-worded displeasure over alleged misdemeanor on part of the ground staff of Kingfisher Airlines with her younger sister Natasha at Delhi airport.

"The worst airline, Kingfisher!!!shockingly baddddddddddd airport staff behavior at Delhi airport with my sister. We are going to take serious action against this and go to court with it, let the law handle it, so that this does not happen to any girl again (sic)," the fuming actress had tweeted.

"Is this how a girl alone at an airport gets treated by the staff of the airline she is flying. She is unwell and has a horrible backache, can't believe this happened to her right now. My heart is beating so fast with anger that a girl at an airport gets treated this way by airport staff! He is at the kingfisher counter (sic)," she said.

Ayesha Takia and Siddharth Mallya

Responding to Ayesha's tweet, Sidhartha Mallya, son of Chairman of Kingfisher Airlines Vijay Mallya raised doubts over the actor's claim.

"Been getting tweets about Ayesha Takia & KFA. Not too sure who she is, an actor of some sorts?? But it seems something has upset her," Sidhartha Mallya tweeted.

"Don't know why Ayesha Takia is tweeting so much when she wasn't even present. There are always two sides to a story. Pipe down love," he said.

Fuming Ayesha Takia attacked Siddharth Mallya back. "Well any indian citizen can stand up for their rites if treated badly, and I don't have to be anyone u know sidharth mallya!!!!!!!!!!!!" (sic) She tweeted.


Chitrangada supposedly made a nasty comment about model Poonam Pandey through her purported Twitter account, which reads: “How do you compete with Poonam Pandey, when she is ready strip for kabbadi matches?” and “India won Kabaddi world cup, time for Poonam show (sic).”

Poonam Pandey reacted – though indirectly saying, “Jealousy: That’s what makes a b***h talk (sic),” she tweeted, and “There is this actress she had 700 followers since many months started using my name now has 1,300 plus in a day... hahaha how cheap any one can be arrey yaar itna bhi “Garib” mat bano (sic).”

Chitrangada Singh and Poonam Pandey

Chitrangada Singh later claimed that she doesn’t have a Twitter account at all – that the account in her name was set up by someone else.


Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen reacted strongly to Poonam Pandey's 'attitude is like underwear' tweet saying, “Poonam Pandey got naked but not satisfied. She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get f****d in public!(sic)”

Poonam Pandey had tweeted, “Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it.(sic)”

Taslima Nasreen and Poonam Pandey

Taslima also wrote “My protest agnst d objectification is 4 women`s dignity,not 4 publicity. My criticism ws agnst d video u endorsed.(sic).”

Poonam Pandey then tweeted, "Fuck what people say... Do YOU. Some people will hate you for it, but it's the ones that love you for it that are more important."


When film critic Taran Adarsh tweeted about Mausam's declining business, the actor retorted back saying, "So all those trying so hard to screw mausam can go screw themselves .. Waise bhi aajkal kuchh logon ke adarsh buri tarha gir chuke hain."

Taran had tweeted: "Shahid's biggest opener, but also Shahid's biggest release in terms of print count & screens. Hence, numbers are below the mark. The business trends indicate a decline on weekdays."

Taran responded saying, "Abusing and maligning me on a public platform won't help. Instead, get a reality check and introspect the shortcomings of the film. Was in a muvie when I read it. Was shocked that he used such words on a public platform."

First Published: Apr 03, 2012 18:59 IST