BTS: J-Hope includes Magic Shop lyrics in self-designed merch, Jimin and V turn models with goofy poses. Watch

Published on Jan 18, 2022 09:20 PM IST
  • BTS: J-Hope unveiled his personalised products and they have a special meaning. ARMY was left in splits by V and Jimin's poses as models. Watch clips.
BTS' J-Hope showing off his merch with Jin, V and Jimin.
BTS' J-Hope showing off his merch with Jin, V and Jimin.

BTS member J-Hope unveiled his personalised merch for ARMY, fandom of the group, on Tuesday. As part of his Artist-made Collection, J-Hope launched Hope pot set and a side-by-side mini bag. Both the products have hidden meanings in them.

In the video, released on Weverse and VLive, BTS' J-Hope told host and group member Jin that the Hope pot set comes with four small planters and the owner can grow any plant of their choice. J-Hope didn't divulge the engraving on the pots but said that he tried to convey a message. "Even when I'm not around or out of sight, I'll always be by your side," he said.

On Twitter, fans cracked the message. A Twitter account named J-Hope pics, shared a bunch of pictures decoding the message on the pot and the meaning behind the bag. A photo shared in the tweet read, "Hoseok's pots say his lyrics from Magic Shop: Like a rose when it blooms, Like a cherry blossom when it scatters, Like a morning glory when it withers, Like those beautiful moments." The netizen captioned the post, "Hobi’s hope pot set with his magic shop lyrics and mini bag is like blue side."

On Twitter, fans cracked the message.
On Twitter, fans cracked the message.
Fans shared messages.
Fans shared messages.

Another fan tweeted, "Hobi's merch is 'H (heart emoji) PE' shaped plant pot with magic shop lyrics written in his handwriting." "Hobi put magic shop’s lyrics onto the pots oh my god it’s so pretty," said another Twitter user.

In the video, J-Hope spoke about his bag saying that he put his ‘heart and soul into designing’ it. The BTS member called his bag fashionable and practical. Reacting to his bag, a Twitter user wrote, "Hobi used Blue Side as the concept of his mini side-by-side bag."

"The design of Hobi’s mini bag being inspired by his track Blue Side hence its shade of blue and named side-by-side”. His music truly transcends all forms of artistic creation," said another fan. "It was used to display Taehyung's merch right in front of our eyes," tweeted another person.

In the video, V and Jungkook posed as the models of the bag. The duo made goofy poses and pretended to work out as well and pose like athletes as they showed off the bag.

As the duo started taking out stuff from the bag in a funny manner, J-Hope said, "This is like the scene from a comic book." Later V and Jimin also stood like mannequins as J-Hope and Jin explained to viewers the products. At the end of the video, J-Hope revealed that the engravings on the pots were from the track Magic Shop.

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On Twitter, reacting to Jimin and V's antics, a fan wrote, "Either vmin are the mannequins or the kids, it still works, amazing." "These QVC models are killing me with their 'unconventional poses'," said another fan. A Twitter user wrote, "Why do models even try when vmin exist?" "There’s never a dull moment with vmin," said another fan.

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