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Planning to party over the long weekend? Stand out with mismatched fashion

Shoes that don’t pair, earrings at odds, an asymmetrical haircut - the possibilities are endless.

fashion and trends Updated: Aug 11, 2016 20:55 IST
Antara Sengupta
Antara Sengupta
Hindustan Times
Sonam,Alia,Imran Khan
You can create, or even buy, your pairs of mismatched shoes.(iStock Photo)

Alia Bhatt stepped has walked the red carpet with a cream-coloured shoe on one foot and a solid pink one on the other. Imran Khan is known to never match his socks. Sonam Kapoor wore mismatched earrings at a trailer launch.

If you too want to let the rebel in you loose, junk the pairs and mismatch.

You can do it with shoes, earrings, even haircuts.

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“I got this wacky boy’s crop, with long tresses flowing on one side. It exudes a don’t-mess-with-me attitude,” says poet and artist Neha Bahuguna, 28. “Random people on the street stop me to tell me they love my hairstyle.”

Be careful to not overdo it, warns celebrity stylist Ami Patel, who was behind Bhatt’s look. “Choose your dissimilar pairs wisely, and carry it off with panache.”


If mismatched shoes are too bold for you, start subtler, with dissimilar earrings. Pair an owl on one ear and a cat on the other; or a long, dangling earring and a shorter one, both sporting the same charm.

Sonam Kapoor sports mismatched earrings at a trailer launch. (HT File Photo)

“I have a cute pair with a cloud on one ear and lightning on the other. Sometimes, if I can’t decide between two pairs, I wear one earring on each ear!” says Raksha Bihani, 26, a Delhi-based journalist.


“This trend of mismatching has also entered the makeup and beauty vertical,” says Hrishitaa Sharma, 24, a model and blogger. “After Kareena Kapoor Khan showed up in an ad wearing two shades of lipstick, many are experimenting with the look. I have worn different shades of eye shadow on both eyes. That’s the beauty of this trend — it lets your imagination run wild.”

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Stylists say you can experiment with dual-tone lip colours in combinations such as pink and red, orange and pink and dark brown and nude.

“I tried the pink and red combination and it really worked well with a navy blue evening dress and a hat,” says Santoshi Shetty, 22, who runs TheStyleEdge, a fashion blog. “I received a lot of compliments for the colour-blocking experiment, and got a lot of positive feedback from my followers, many of whom requested a blog post.”


To grab eyeballs, start at the top. Get an asymmetrical bob, with short layers at the back and two long tresses in the front; or shave off a patch on one side, to flaunt the rest of your hair in one direction.

“An asymmetrical bob is fun, versatile and can be moulded to your face shape,” says Avni Yashwin, hair stylist and owner of hair studio Happy in the Head in Bandra, popular for its asymmetrical haircuts. “Many girls now want short hair, but are worried about how it will look. So, the long tresses in front act as a cover-up, and accentuate your face.”

“I wanted to try something different, so I got a patch of the right side of my head shaved off — the rest of my hair flows out on the left,” says Nirmika Singh (left), 28, a journalist and musician. “It was definitely a bold move and I got mixed reactions from friends and family initially, but I am super happy with it.”


A fan of The Big Bang Theory, or the more old-school Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Wear your personality on your sleeve (or shoes, in this case), with each foot telling a different story. Or sport your love for travel, with a map on one shoe, and a compass on the other.

Mismatched Big Bang Theory shoes (

“I bought minion shoes online, where one is yellow and the other purple,” says Thane student Parth Shah, 21. “I always receive compliments when I wear them. Men’s shoes are typically boring, but these make you stand out.”

First Published: Aug 11, 2016 20:54 IST