Sweet treats and cocktails are making their way to your fingertips

Spas across the city are using desserts in hand and foot care.

fashion and trends Updated: Dec 25, 2016 11:12 IST
Lavina Mulchandani
Lavina Mulchandani
Hindustan Times
Choose from mojitos, pina coladas or ice-cream sundaes for delicious new manicures and pedicures this party season.(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Would you care for a pina colada, tequila, strawberry margarita, lemon verbena, sherbet or a selection of ice creams? It doesn’t matter if you don’t drink, or are cutting down on sugar. You won’t be eating or drinking any of them – you’ll just be putting them on your nails.

Spas across the city are offering more than just mineral and scented pedicures and manicures for the party season. They incorporate actual flavours and recipes of some of your favourite foods to make hand and foot care indulgent and delicious.

“These 60-minute long spas are generating curiosity among customers,” says Ajit Chandra, director of Drama Salon in Ghatkopar, which offers ice-cream pedicures.

For Sanam Rawal, 25, a talent manager from Wadala, the idea of a cocktail pedicure was so intriguing that she didn’t mind the commute to Hair Ok Please in Churchgate. “They started off with a marshmallow-scented foot mask that smelled amazing,” she says. “I was later offered a 50-minute long strawberry margarita pedicure that included a butter cream massage with margarita aromas.”

Chandra recommends the treatments for men and women “Men prefer cocktails and oceanic flavours.” So what will you choose from the menu?

Cocktail connection

Head to Hair OK Please for the cocktail mix-based treatments (Anshuman Poyrekar/HT PHOTO)

Imagine being able to order a strawberry margarita, a Bloody Mary, a mojito and and a pina colada without worry about who’s driving you home. Cocktail mix-based treatments are among the most popular of food-themed mani-pedis in the city. “From girls heading out for a date night to bridesmaids, we see many indulge in them,” says Pia Balwani, founder of Hair Ok Please, a beauty salon in Churchgate. The frothy creams have real tequila and spirit extracts that are aromatic, says Manisha Patel, the store manager at Tip and Toe salon, Malad. “During the two summer months, we also offer the mango cocktail variants.”

Prices start at Rs 850 for manicure and Rs 900 for pedicure

Where: Nail Spa, Khar; Tip and Toe, Malad, Bandra and Juhu; Hair Ok Please, Churchgate

Prior appointment: Preferred

Get the scoop

Get an ice cream manicure and pedicure at Drama Salon, Vikhroli. (Pratik Chorge/ Hindustan Times)

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Lakme salons across Mumbai offer a white tea vitality pedicure and manicure, using white tea extracts in a cream and scrub that uses to combat skin tanning. They also have a Candy Crush pedicure and manicure, blending cupcake-shaped flavoured creams into your feet. But if you want an ice cream parlour inside a beauty parlour other salons are happy to oblige. Start by choosing from flavours such as summer rain, lemon and strawberry kiwi and if that leaves you confused, simply choose a mixed Sundae. What will follow is the usual manicure and pedicure but with a twist. “We use a salt scrub scented in the ice cream flavor to exfoliate and then moisturise with a scented icing-like cream for the hands and feet.” The bonus? You smell delicious!

Or you can try a scrub in sherbet flavours such as strawberry, kiwi, milk and papaya nectar at Drama salons across Mumbai. “The marshmallow mask that follows the pedicure detoxifies skin and has a soothing fragrance,” says Chandra, director at Drama Salon.

Price: Start at Rs 950 for a manicure and Rs 1,000 for a pedicure

Where: Nail Spa, Khar; Runah Salon, Lower Parel; Drama Salon, Ghatkopar

Prior appointment: Preferred

Melting moments

What’s Christmas without candles? This time around, they won’t be on your window sill but your nails. Candle wax manicures and pedicures blend skin-friendly (and delicious smelling) cocoa butter and jojoba oil to keep skin and nails health. “We use handmade candle wax that is instead of butter cream in the usual pedicure, making it arm and smooth procedure,” says Manisha Patel of Tip and Toe, Malad.

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“The candles are natural and vegan,” she says. “It is best used for dry heels.” The salon also has a 90-minute paraffin wax foot mask that starts off with a lemongrass scrub. “The wax is smooth, suitable for all skin types and makes feet moisturised and glossy.”

Where: Nail Spa, Khar; Tip and Toe, Malad, Juhu and Bandra

Prices: Start at Rs 1,300 for manicure and Rs 1,500 for pedicure

Prior appointment: Preferred

First Published: Dec 23, 2016 21:18 IST