A rough day in the corporate life of Gurugram? This techie has rapped about it

A hilarious video, titled Corporate Majboori and made by employees from a company located in the Millennium City, has gone viral. It tells of a techie facing a client’s ire, being tossed out of a project, and finally bouncing back.

gurgaon Updated: May 10, 2018 16:16 IST
Naina Arora
Naina Arora
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In a hilarious spoof, Gurugram’s corporate employees rap about the daily stress in their working life.

“Jab se ki hain graduation, toot chuki hain motivation, job exploration mein bhi aa chuki hain saturation... yaar, sone nahin deti client ki woh escalation!” No, these lyrics aren’t from a slice-of-life Bollywood movie; this is the creative outburst of employees of a Gurugram-based consulting firm. The viral video, titled Corporate Majboori, shows the employees rap about the Millennium City’s stressful work situations.

The hilarious spoof opens with a stressed out techie getting an angry client’s message: ‘Tumse Na Ho Paayega!!’ In the next scene, two ‘henchmen’ — or maybe ‘henchpersons’, since one is a woman — walk menacingly down the corridor before hauling this hapless techie out, and presenting him to the management all tied up. A stern manager declares, “Error 404 ke tahet, isko project se nikala diya jaata hain...Ise GP 28 ki kothri mein band kiya jaaye.”

The tortured techie, in real life, is Akshay Kumar, an associate QA Lead with the company, who has rapped and composed the video.

His colleague Mansi Gupta, who landed the role of an evil engineer, says, “We wanted to make fun of the various aspects of our work. It was a great way to unwind and have fun as a team.”

Kumar says, “I’m very fond of rapping and have learned the editing by myself. First, I wrote a rap and then plotted a story of every corporate person [in Gurugram]. The situations are exaggerated to bring out the fun elements. The plot follows an employee who makes a mistake in coding and is barred from the project. He is taken to a building within the company premises, presented as the haunted house.” This story has a happy ending. “He goes on to join the organisation’s university and earns a project allocation certificate and a promotion,” grins Kumar, who has, in the past, made the video Corporate Mazdoori, also set in Gurugram.

A still from the music video, titled Corporate Majboori, led by techie-rapper Akshay Kumar (right).

Manas Fuloria, CEO of the firm where Kumar works, appears in a sequence, giving a certificate of promotion while a song from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) plays in background. He says, “The idea of (the company unit) NagarroU was to make it attractive, and focus on young people by promoting skill upgrade. It’s about [corporate staff] having multi-dimensional lives, making music, among other things. Instead of it being preachy, it’s meant to be fun.”

This spoof, made with 15 employees over a period of about three weeks, was shot and edited outside of work hours and on weekends.

This isn’t the first time Gurugram’s corporate crowd has unwinded with a music video. In the past, employees of GroupM, an ad agency, danced to Pharrell Williams’ song, Happy.

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First Published: May 10, 2018 16:13 IST