MG Road horrid tales: Gurgaonites say, ‘The place feels like a hotbed of crime’
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MG Road horrid tales: Gurgaonites say, ‘The place feels like a hotbed of crime’

Residents of Gurgaon have faced it all on MG Road — from being groped to lewd comments to encountering roadside romeos.

gurgaon Updated: Jun 25, 2017 12:29 IST
Naina Arora
Naina Arora
Hindustan Times
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Residents recall their daunting experiences. (Sanjeev Verma/HT )

Worried that a night out with friends on MG Road might have great food coupled with bad memories? Well, no longer, for Gurgaonites dodge the mall mile of Gurgaon to party safe at home or switch to other popular hang-outs such as Sector 29, CyberHub and Golf Course Road!

From being at the receiving end of lewd comments to encountering roadside romeos, Gurgaon’s residents have had an unfair share of harrowing incidents on MG Road. Here, residents and party-goers share some incidents and the reasons why they would rather just hang out with friends at home.

‘Girls are mistaken for prostitutes’

“The horrific incidents are specific to MG Road because there’s a parking next to a hotel that many say is the hub of prostitutes. Go there after 11pm, and you’d find more than 40 autos and cars parked in that area with negotiations going on. That’s why girls who leave after party or waiting for a cab are mistaken for escorts,” says Prashant Sharma, a corporate professional from Gurgaon. He says that’s the reason why he and friends prefer a house party. “It’s the safest way to hang out with friends. Or, we go to CyberHub and Sector 29, as the crowd is more refined there and the venue is safe,” he adds.

‘Men asked us, ‘How much do you charge?’’

In another news, a video, claimed to have been shot in Gurgaon’s MG Road, surfaced on social media last Sunday, in which a group of women are beating up a man, who allegedly molested one of them. “Two men ran towards us when we were at MG Road at around 10.30pm. They kept asking us ‘How much do you charge?’ We decided to take an auto-rickshaw and get out of there,” Sanah* (name changed) was quoted in an earlier report in HT. She shared her harrowing episode on Facebook, too. “They first followed us till the auto, and then started groping us. Their hands were everywhere,” adds Sanah*, one of the two students who went to MG Road last week, and encountered harassment when they were returning home after buying liquor.

‘MG Road feels like a hotbed of crime’

“One guy randomly once stopped me, and began introducing himself, saying he wanted to be my friend. After this, I have stopped visiting MG Road late at night,” says Anchal Kaushik, a corporate professional from Gurgaon. Kaushik, whose PG is near MG Road Metro Station, often walks back home. “After 7pm or 8pm, the place feels like a hotbed of crime. So I make sure that I am accompanied with friends, and when we go out on weekends, we don’t even consider MG Road as an option,” she adds.

‘After 9pm, there are drunken men roaming around’

Even for those who live on the MG Road stretch, the place isn’t safe. Neha Singhal is one of the people who feel that. “For me, it’s either house parties or getting together with friends at Sector 29,” she says, adding, “MG road is no less than a posh society but after 9pm, there are drunken men roaming around. Once my friend dropped me on the opposite end of my apartment complex. Some random guy in an auto made a suggestive action saying ‘come s***’. Even the pubs at malls are shady here; so we only visit the malls when we have to catch some movies.”

‘Walking on MG Road is not safe after 8pm’

Swati Sharma, a resident of Gurgaon for over 12 years, says she used to party regularly at the mall mile but not anymore. Ask why? “Often one parks their car at a distance and walks towards the mall. But walking on that stretch post 8pm is not safe. You can’t walk without people glaring at you, passing lewd comments. Going there after 9pm is an absolute no-no for me. There is always insecurity that something will go wrong. The pub gentry in Gurgaon deteriorates post 10.30pm. Now I prefer to go to Delhi’s pubs than Gurgaon!” says Swati.

‘It is not the experience you are looking to have’

“The times I have gone out are only to people’s houses in Gurgaon as that is one of the best options nowadays,” says Abhinav Srivastava, a corporate from the city, echoing similar sentiment. “Better places have opened up in Gurgaon such as the pubs at Golf Course Road. Once my friends were exiting a mall and got accosted with pimps, at MG Road. I got to know of this through friends and was taken back. It’s not the experience you are looking to have when you go out. So, why take a risk?”

‘People create havoc on the road’

Divya Bhargava, a sales executive in Gurgaon says, “We haven’t heard of any untoward incidents in Cyber Hub or Sector 29. But at MG Road, it’s aplenty! Unless there are people accompanying you, you wouldn’t want to go there. I used to visit the malls there for movies but now, I step out after a night show, I feel uncomfortable due to people roaming around, who create havoc. So, now I cross that stretch only when I’m in my car. ”

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First Published: Jun 25, 2017 12:25 IST