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Peno-anal intercourse could be harmful

The chances of sexually transmitted diseases are high during peno-anal intercourse.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 21, 2010 15:06 IST
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Hindustan Times

Know more about HIV Test

I recently took the urine pregnancy test. It was negative. What are the chances of the result being inaccurate?
Please wait for your routine periods. If they are normal, you can forget about being pregnant. If delayed, visit a gynaecologist. The urine pregnancy test is a simple card test used to detect the pregnancy. It detects certain hormones in the urine that are usually absent in the non-pregnant state. However there are chances of a false positive result too. The test may become positive in few conditions like tumors, hormonal disorders, chronic infections etc.

I am a gay and I have a steady partner. We have sex regularly. But everytime I enter his anus, he feels extreme pain. Please help. Is there any chance of HIV?
The anal opening is used for defecation. It is not as elastic as the vagina.. Hence the introduction of an erect penis may lead to pain during the peno-anal intercourse. Over a period of time, due to repeated sexual encounters, the anal opening may expand and hence the intercourse may become smoother. Application of anesthetic jelly, usually of procaine or lignocaine may help, as may slow penetration. I must inform you that an inflated anal opening may lead to prolapse of the rectum. The chances of sexually transmitted diseases are high during peno-anal intercourse. Use a condom.

Which is the best test for HIV? Where is it done?
ELISA is the screening test for the detection of the HIV virus. Almost all the pathological laboratories offer this test. The test takes four to six weeks to show positive results if a person is infected with the HIV virus.

A negative test immediately after a sexual intercourse helps in epidemiological studies, but does not rule out the infection. A positive test result needs reconfirmation by repeating ELISA test after around two to three months or by a WESTERN BLOT test.