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Sexual Myths

The concepts of sex being ?a necessary evil? and ?the less said about it the better? have led to many myths.

health and fitness Updated: Dec 29, 2003 22:12 IST

The concepts of sex being ‘a necessary evil’ and ‘the less said about it the better’ have led to many misconceptions about sex. Most common sexual myths arise out of ignorance. Given below are a few of them.

1.Women also ejaculate during sexual intercourse.Women do not ejaculate during sexual intercourse.
2.Simultaneous orgasms are a must for sexual satisfaction.Simultaneous orgasms are not necessary.
3.Only men have wet dreams.Women also experience nocturnal orgasms.
4.Wet dreams are sexual disorders.Nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) are not a sign of sexual disorder. They are a part of normal sexual process.
5.One drop of semen is equivalent to 40 drops of blood.Completely unfounded. Semen is produced by testes, seminal vesicles and prostate gland and not directly by blood.
6.Men have fixed quota of semen. If they masturbate, this quantity is quickly disposed of.There is no fixed quota of semen. From puberty to death, semen will be produced, provided the testicles are healthy.
7.Venereal disease occurs when god of love visits a man.Venereal disease is produced by infective organisms. God has nothing to do with it. Unless one of the partners is harbouring the disease producing germs, the other cannot contract it.
8.Venereal disease is cured if the man has sex with a virginNot true. On the contrary the Venereal disease sufferer will transmit the disease to the virgin.
9.Frequent masturbation makes the penis shrink.Even when a person indulges in masturbation frequently, the penis never shrinks and becomes small. Once any part or organ of the human body has attained its maximum size, it will never become small unless it is partially cut off accidentally or surgically.
10.Special food and exercise will make the penis grow big.Not true. Whatever that is good for other body parts is also good for sex organs.
11.Masturbation leads to nervous breakdown.Not true. Masturbation is a normal physiological activity.
12.Vasectomy makes a man impotent.Sterilisation (vasectomy in male and tubectomy in female) does not reduce desire and performance. In fact, by removing the fear of pregnancy, sexual desire and the performance are increased.
13.Men have stronger sexual urges than women.Not true. Sexual urge is equal in both the sexes.
14.Anal sex is only practised by homosexuals.Anal sex may be practised by heterosexuals also.
15.Oral sex is a perverted act.Oral sex is a normal act and may be practised when both partners are interested and free from infections.
16.A normal man should be able to get an erection whenever he wants it.A man have an erection of the penis just by desiring it. The entire physiological sexual response should be gone through before an erection occurs.
17.A man is not a male if he cannot get a penile erection.The masculinity of a person is not judged by the ability to get an erection. There are other criteria.
18.A woman is not considered to be a female if she cannot conceive a child.The femininity of a person is not judged by the ability to conceive a child. There are other criteria.
19.Menopause puts an end to a woman’s sex life.Menopause is not the end of a woman’s sex life. It is the end of her reproductive life only.
20.Imparting sex education to youngsters will lead them to promiscuity.Talking to youngsters on sex or imparting sex education will not lead to promiscuity. Even without sex education, people indulge in promiscuity. In fact, more married people have promiscuous relations than youngsters. Educating the young on sex and sexual behaviour helps them to develop a healthy and positive attitude towards sexuality. More importantly, better interpersonal relationship will develop leading to a harmonious family and marital life.


First Published: Oct 06, 2003 20:24 IST