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Vidyut Jamwal raises a toast to holistic fitness

Bollywood hunk Vidyut Jamwal is here to cheer you as HT City’s 12-week health campaign Get Healthy, Delhi completes a month

health and fitness Updated: Sep 16, 2013 02:54 IST
Debasmita Ghosh
Debasmita Ghosh
Hindustan Times
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Actor, model and martial artist Vidyut Jamwal may be famous for his hot bod, but the 34-year-old feels that fitness is not just about six packs. Cheering our readers, who’ve taken up the 12-week challenge to get fit with HT City’s Get Healthy, Delhi, Jamwal gives some easy fitness tips.

What’s your definition of fitness?

Everyone should be driven to fitness as a lifestyle commitment and not make it about just being a fad. If you have a six-pack but aren’t at an optimum fitness level, then the six-pack means nothing.

What’s your daily fitness regime like?

I train every single day. I follow five days of martial art training and two days of weight training. The martial arts routine comprises gymnastics, acrobatics, street stunts and tricking. Weight training, including extensive lower body training, squats, lunges, calves along with upper body workout that includes roman rings, parallel bars and push ups. I focus a lot on lower body workouts — especially legs and calves with squats and jumps.

The most common problem areas are bulging abs, flabby arms and double chin. Which free hand exercises do you suggest for each of these?

For women, Ashtanga yoga works best, and for men, it should involve push-ups, sit ups, chin-ups and sprinting.

What’s the one fitness tip that you’d want to give our readers?

Given that Delhi is the food Capital, do not go overboard with your appetite and overeat. Moderation is the key. Feed your stomach, not your eyes. And remember, the key is to become fit and not just lose weight.

The actor says, "Get Healthy Delhi is a fantastic initiative taken on by HT City. Advocating the idea of a fit and healthy lifestyle is something that should be taken on across the country. It’s important to convey and consistently remind people that fitness is a lifestyle commitment and not a fad."

Work out of the day

Increase your flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most crucial aspects of fitness, but unfortunately, it is largely neglected by the majority of people. There is a direct correlation between the risk of lower back issues and poor flexibility. Luckily, this can be prevented by adding these simple stretching exercises to your daily routine.

Sit comfortably with one leg stretched out and the other leg bent, so the sole is touching the inner thigh. Sit upright on top of your sitting bones. If you find this difficult, place a small cushion under your bottom. This will help you sit upright. Place your arms in front you, keeping your elbows soft.

Inhale, pull your navel into the spine, lengthen your stomach and lower back and slowly stretch forward, imagining that you are wrapping your body over an invisible ball. Stay in this stretch for the count of five breaths, rounding your spine and moving a bit backwards while inhaling and stretching as much as comfortable while exhaling.

By Vesna Jacob, fitness expert and healer

Yogasana of the day

Variation of Plank Pose

Here’s a very strong pose for a great start to your new week. To be done after basic warm up asanas, this variation of the plank pose works on the core area, thighs, legs and arms. It also puts the entire body to work.

Lie on your front side, keeping the arms bent at the elbow, tucked by the shoulder side, which makes your forearms flat on the ground. Palms to be facing each other. Feet up straight resting on its fingers and not lying flat on the ground.

Looking down at the ground, raise your entire body upwards towards the sky, keeping it almost straight to the ground. Mind your hips making the arch. The pressure would be on your arms, shoulders, tummy and feet. Stay for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat once.

By Juhi Garg, yoga expert

Fact Vs Fiction

Calories eaten at night are more fattening than those eaten in the day: False

Fact: It’s not about the calories but about your metabolic rate that varies at different time of the day. The body’s ability to utilise the food that we eat varies with the time of the day. The digestive juices peak during the daytime and taper off late in the evening. This is why it does make perfect sense not to eat heavy meals in the latter part of the day — not just calories but anything. Late night, the body’s metabolism tends to slow down and undigested food leads to undesirable weight gain.

Neelanjana Singh, nutritionist

Week 5, Day 1

Diet for today
1 regular roti stuffed with onion along with mint-coriander chutney and a cup of tea without sugar

Mid morning: 1 pear and 5 to 6 almonds

Lunch: 1 roti without ghee along with a bowl of cooked yellow moong dal, 1 bowl bhindi subzi and 1/2 bowl curd Evening: 1 bowl fruit chat made with pear, apple, cucumber and lemon juice sprinkled on it

Dinner: 1 yellow moong dal cheela made in olive oil and a medium bowl of peas and mushroom subzi

Post dinner: 1 cup green tea

Recipe of Mint and Coriander chutney
Cut off roots from 100gm coriander leaves and any thick stalks from 100gm mint leaves. Peel 1/2inch ginger, 3-4 garlic and deseed a green chilli. Grind all the ingredients into a smooth paste in a food processor with a pinch of rock salt.


1 bowl oats with milk and apple.

Mid morning: 1/2 bowl pomegranate

Lunch: 1 bowl chicken and veg risotto.

Evening: A cup of black tea or black coffee or green tea.

Dinner: 1 bowl whole-wheat pasta with vegetables, such as capsicum, olives and pickled tomatoes.

Post dinner: 1 cup green tea.

Recipe of Chicken and Veg Risotto
Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Add 1 clove of garlic crushed, 1 medium onion diced, 1 medium carrot diced and cook, stirring, until vegetables are softened. Add 1/4cup Arborio rice and cook, stirring, for a minute or two. Add 1 cup of the chicken stock and bring to boil. Cover and simmer for 6-8 minutes or until liquid is absorbed. Continue to add remaining stock (about 1/2 cup at a time) along with the 1/2 diced red capsicum, and 1/4 chicken breast, chopped. Cook, stirring constantly for about 10 minutes or until the rice is tender, yet firm to the bite and the risotto is creamy. Drizzle a few drops of olive oil and savour hot.

First Published: Sep 15, 2013 16:54 IST