What a great start, Delhi!
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What a great start, Delhi!

Hundreds of Delhiites have started their journey towards health and fitness with our 12-week definitive health campaign ‘Get Healthy, Delhi’. If you want to join in too, here’s your diet and fitness regime for Day 3.

health and fitness Updated: Aug 21, 2013 01:12 IST
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Hundreds of Delhiites have started their journey towards health and fitness with our 12-week definitive health campaign ‘Get Healthy, Delhi’. If you want to join in too, here’s your diet and fitness regime for Day 3.

Diet of the day

Breakfast: 2 brown rice idlis with green chutney and a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
Mid Morning: 1 small bowl of dahi
Lunch: 1 cup boiled brown rice with 1 medium bowl peas, mushroom and tomato curry, and a bowl of salad
Evening: 1 apple, cucumber or carrot slices
Dinner: 1 roti with Okra or bhindi subzi along with a medium bowl of salad and a bowl of papaya

Breakfast: Grilled vegetable sandwich with a cup of tea or coffee without sugar
Mid Morning: A bowl of fruits like papaya and cherries.
Lunch: 1 grilled chicken and multigrain aata roll and green salad with boiled eggs.
Evening: 1 citrus fruit with cucumber slices.
Dinner: 200gm of chicken kebab along with green salad

Bhindi Subzi Recipe
Heat a tbsp of olive oil. Toss in a small bowl of sliced okra and stir. When it is half done and less sticky, add a finely chopped onion, one tomato, diced and sprinkle salt as per taste, 1/2 tsp chaat masala and 1/4tsp black pepper, crushed. Toss for a while till crisp and done.

Grilled chicken roll
Make two thick rotis with multigrain ataa. Now grill 3-4 pieces of chicken (remember the recipe of grilled chicken we gave you yesterday?). Place a bed of chopped spring onions on the roti, put the chicken pieces, sprinkle lemon juice and black pepper and roll it to have it hot.

Rules to swear by
Begin the day with a glass of hot water with few drops of lemon juice
Avoid sugar or sugary beverages or even diet colas n For the first two weeks, avoid sugary fruits, including grapes, mango, banana, cheeku, musk melon ( kharbooz) n No pickles, papad and oily condiments n No curd at night n Don’t skip meals and always eat on time

Workout of the day

Lunge with Arm Extension

Lunge is a great way to tone your leg muscles but we are going to add a little extra benefit to it in order to condition your back and core muscles, for in the days to come, you might need a little more strength for slightly tougher workouts.

Stand tall and step back as much as you comfortably can. Now balance your weight between both legs so that your centre of balance remains in the line of your spine.
Bend both legs and lift the back heel off the ground, this is your perfect lunge position.
Lift your right arm up to the ceiling as much as you can. Do not forget to keep your core area engaged at all times and to feel these various stretching forces acting your body — your arm stretching up, your legs connecting to the floor and going down while your centre is tight and stable.
Once you reach the highest tension, move your entire body waist up towards the left creating a stretch in your right abdominals and then inhale bend the elbows and reach with your right elbow to the left know. Repeat this 10 times.

Yogasana of the day

Remember seeing your dear dog stretch? Yes, often yoga takes cues from the nature so here’s a natural dog stretch which will leave your entire body refreshed and worked out. The Downward dog pose is also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana. The name comes from the Sanskrit words adhas meaning ‘down’, ‘mukha’ meaning ‘face’ and svana meaning ‘dog’. Apart from strengthening the calf muscles and shoulders, this asana will improve the blood circulation, and help bring a glow to your your face and hair, and also relaxe your head.

Lie on your stomach with the palms on the ground by the side of your face.
Now arch up your body completely from the hips. Keep the feet together and palms on the ground.
Head to be between the hands looking downwards.
Stay in this posture for 20 seconds and relax, repeat again.
By Juhi Garg, yoga expert

Did you know?
Yawning doesn’t necessarily mean one is tired. It just means that our body needs more oxygen.

First Published: Aug 20, 2013 18:02 IST