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Your cell phone is wreaking havoc on your skin! Here’s how you can stop it

Your phone can cause acne, wrinkles and allergies on your face. Here are some easy solutions to prevent this.

health and fitness Updated: Mar 04, 2017 07:44 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
Acne,Skin issues,Wrinkles
The most common problem associated with cell phones is acne. Your phone is a hot bed of germs and dust that can cause acne.

If you wake up in a state of horror, wondering how did you get acne, blemishes all over your face suddenly, then you can blame it on your shiny smartphone. Every time you put the phone on your face, you are exposing your face to damage. It’s true that in this day and age we cannot function without our phones. However, with little care, we can definitely make sure that our dependence on smartphones doesn’t damage our skin or health.

Here is a list of ways how your phone can wreak havoc on your skin and how you can prevent it.

1) Acne: The most common problem associated with cell phones is acne. Your phone is a hot bed of germs and dust that can cause acne. Most people are unaware that whenever their phones touche their face then the screen of the phone accumulates all the makeup, moisture, sweat or any other cream you have applied. Some of us have a filthy habit of taking our phones to the washroom, which is a cesspool of germs.

Solution: This goes without saying that you have to clean your phone at regular intervals. Use any water based cleanser with 40% alcohol solution to wipe your phone. Use an earphone frequently, if possible.

2) Allergies: If you end up getting rashes on the sides of your cheeks, then there is a high possibility of that you are having an allergic reaction to your phone. Not all, but most of the phone contain nickel and chromium in their smartphone casings that can cause a reaction on the face called allergic contact dermatitis.

Solution: The ideal way to deal with this is to enclose your phone in a plastic case or cover it with a protector.

3) Wrinkles: Ever heard of ‘techneck’? Constantly staring down at the cell keyboard for long periods causes wrinkles at the area underneath the chin and the neck, which is also known as ‘techneck’. Squinting at times to read a text that is too small can also cause crow’s feet around the eyes.

Solution: Take a tech break at regular intervals. Avoid staring down at your phone for long periods and try not to squint while you read your text messages.

4) Dark spots: Your phone is a piece of machinery that will heat up, if you use it for long periods. If you talk for longer durations on the phone then your face is in contact with the phone also. The overheating of your phone can cause dark spots on your face and can mess with your melanin production.

Solution: It goes without saying that you need to avoid talking on the phone for longer periods. Try using an earpiece or a loudspeaker, if you are in a private area.

5) Under eye circles: Your phone’s LED/blue light can cause under eye circles. Most people have a habit of using their phones before going to sleep. This not only disturbs your sleep cycle but also causes under eye circles.

Solution: Switch off your phone half an hour prior to sleeping, if possible. Otherwise, put it on silent and reduce the brightness as much as possible.

Inputs by Dr Rohit Batra and Dr. Neha Batra

First Published: Mar 03, 2017 19:06 IST