Prime Minister Narendra Modi(ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi(ANI)

‘Now, I can get a loan against the house’: Beneficiaries of SVAMTIVA scheme thank PM Modi

PM Modi on Sunday launched the physical distribution of property cards which will act as physical copies of property titles of the villagers’ homes.
Hindustan Times, Lucknow | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON OCT 11, 2020 04:41 PM IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with beneficiaries of the Survey of Villages And Mapping With Improvised Technology In Village Areas (SVAMITVA) scheme on Sunday.

PM Modi on Sunday launched the physical distribution of property cards which will act as physical copies of property titles of the villagers’ homes and the surrounding areas owned by them. Here are the excerpts from the prime minister’s interaction with the two beneficiaries from Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh.

PM’s interaction with Ram Milan of Barabanki:

PM Modi: I was told you lost a hand in an accident. How do you earn your livelihood? Your life had a big crisis. Losing a part of one’s body also causes a big disappointment. But you managed yourself and the family.

Ram Milan: Yes, about 14-15 years ago my right hand got severed while I was working on a cattle-feed machine. I do manage with this hand. For my livelihood, I have a grocery shop in the village and I also do farming on lease.

PM Modi: Now that you have got ‘gharoni’ (ownership right) of your house, how would it affect you and your family? What problems did you face earlier?

Ram Milan: It is heartening to get the ownership. All those neighbourhood disputes are over. Now, I can get a loan against it. Through that loan, I can expand my business.

PM Modi: When the drone was at work, I am sure the entire village must have gathered? It is a very happy thing that you got the ownership and documents. Now, do people believe that a good arrangement has been made? You have the papers, disputes won’t happen. Most of the disputes happen due to house, land. Now, you are mentally free to work and progress. Do spread the word among people about the system.

Ram Milan: Yes, when the drone was at work, the entire village, including children, had gathered. There was a kind of celebration, everyone was eager to watch the drone. Earlier, I did not have any document, now I have documents that establish my ownership on the house. Yes, everyone believes what has happened. Thank you very much.

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PM’s interaction with Ramrati of Barabanki

‘I feel very secure now, no one can displace me’

PM Modi: Ramratiji, who all do you have in your family?

Ramrati: I have two sons, a daughter in the family. My husband died 20 years ago.

PM Modi: Then the family’s entire responsibility came on you? How did you manage?

Ramrati: Yes. I sold vegetables, made samosas and sold them.

PM Modi: Earlier, you must have been facing problems with your house. People must have been objecting to your house (that did not have ownership rights). Why did you make the hut here? How is it now when you have got the gharoni (ownership rights)? Do your children know that you now have ownership of the house?

Ramrati: Now, I feel very secure. I am happy that I have the ownership of the ancestral house now. I am illiterate, but now no one can displace me from the house.

PM Modi: Did you get any loan? What will you do?

Ramrati: Yes, I just got a loan of Rs 20,000. I will now expand my business.

PM Modi: Ok. I am very happy that you have the ownership. My good wishes. Now, women like you, people of weaker sections in Uttar Pradesh, are getting a guarantee for the protection of your property. I trust that you will give a better future to your family and progress. More power to you.

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