Tamil Nadu minister’s Rs 10 lakh water-saving ‘innovation’ blown away by wind

In a bizarre attempt, a minister floated thermocol sheets in a water reservoir in Madurai to prevent evaporation of water in drought-hit Tamil Nadu.

india Updated: Apr 22, 2017 20:02 IST
Gulam Jeelani
Gulam Jeelani
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Thermocol sheets,Tamil Nadu,Minister floats thermocol sheets
Tamil Nadu minister floated Rs10 lakh worth thermocol sheets in Vaigai reservoir to prevent loss of water due to evaporation.(Twitter/ ANI )

Tamil Nadu minister Sellur K Raju’s failed attempt to use thermocol sheets to prevent water evaporation had people on social media making fun of the idea that was ripped apart by wind.

The co-operative minister of the drought-hit state, had invited a group of newsmen from Madurai to Vaigai Dam, 70 kms away, to show off his innovation- cover the reservoir of the dam with thermocol- sheets so that evaporation in the summer heat would come down, reported Outlook news magazine website.

“Tamil Nadu PWD floated Rs.10 lakh worth thermocol sheets in Vaigai reservoir to prevent loss of water due to evaporation. (April 21),” ANI tweeted.

As reported in news channels too, the minister attempted to cover the reservoir of the dam with thermocol sheets tapped together perhaps to prevent evaporation of water. But no sooner did he pick up a few sheets of thermocol, strong winds blew over the lake and washed them away.

Not one to give up, the minister made another attempt to place the sheets by entering into the water only to see them been blown away again. Worse, the minister said that the government had set aside Rs 10 lakh for the ‘innovative’ that would help save water in the state reeling under worst droughts in last 142 years.

The idea evoked sarcastic responses from Twitterati with some suggesting that the minister should be conferred with the Nobel prize for the idea.

“#Tamilnadu minister floating thermocol sheets at Vaigai reservoir #Madurai to prevent water evaporation !! Please give him noble prize.....” tweeted Gini Khan.

The TV visuals showed the minister with his dhoti rolled up stepping into the water and pushing sheets of thermocol into the water.

A twitter user Aravind‏ tweeted, “Andhra uses satellite to identify water resources. But here in Tamil Nadu we use thermocol sheets to prevent evaporation in dam. What a shame,”

A shocked user Lavanya Mohan tweeted, “ SCIENCE IS SHOOK - Tamil Nadu Minister Has A Brainwave: Float Thermocol To Prevent Water Evaporation In Vaigai Dam,”.

First Published: Apr 22, 2017 17:48 IST