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2004: A good year for India

As India steps out of 2003, she does so for good. Planetary arrangements in 2004 promise better times for the country.

india Updated: Jan 01, 2004 19:14 IST

As India steps out of the year 2003, she does so for good. The planetary arrangements in 2004 promise better times for the country. The surprise (and a pleasant one at that) is that the predictions of two soothsayers (one astrologer and another psychic) who were consulted separately on December 23, match on all counts except one.

Here is what our in-house astrologer Reeta Shanker Seth and the psychic Naresh Kumar 'Dabbuji' have to say:

On India's relations with its neighbours andissue of Terrorism:
Though both agree that Indo-Pak ties will improve tremendously, Dabbuji takes the good prediction a bit further. He says that 2004 will be a 'Golden Year' for the relationship between the two hostile neighbours.

According to Seth, the most propitious time for India's foreign relations will be between January 15th and January 21st 2004. Dabbuji makes similar observation and adds, "By March 2004, cross-border terrorism would have minimised to a great extent. India can heave a sigh of relief as far as terrorist activity is concerned, be it Jammu and Kashmir or the North East or elsewhere." However, they both fear for Pervez Musharraf's well-being in the coming year!

Indo-Chinese relations will also change for the better. "In fact, India would enjoy cordial ties with all the North-East Asian countries and one would witness a lot of educational exchange programmes in 2004," Seth further adds.

On the Political climate:
This is the only area where Seth and Dabbuji do not agree with each other but that too only on one exclusive point. While the astrologer's calculations conclude that it is the Congress (I) that will head the ruling alliance at the Centre after the 2004 General Elections, the psychic predicts that not only would the Bharatiya Janata Party come back as the coalition leader, it would also emerge much stronger than before.

Dabbuji sees the year 2004 as an extremely favourable year for the Saffron party. "This year the BJP would consolidate its position and it would continue to enjoy this hold till 2006," he says. He sees no hope for the Congress in 2004.

"Sonia Gandhi's stars do not augur well for the old Hand and as long as she is there, there is little hope for the Party," he observes. Dabbuji indicates towards a possibility of Sonia stepping down from the president's chair during the period between March to November. "The party might even split," he predicts.

Seth's calculations concur with Dabbuji's predictions as far as Sonia's individual fortunes are concerned. "Though Congress will head the government, Sonia's natal chart nowhere indicates that she will ever hold the prestigious chair. She would have to compromise on her position for the Party," she says.

Both of them see Priyanka Gandhi as the rising star of the Indian polity. Whereas Seth sees Priyanka as a 'very active player' on the political grounds beginning 2004, Dabbuji is certain that Priyanka will contest elections and make it as a Member of the Parliament. "The year 2004 would see a lot of new, promising crop shooting up on the Indian political land. It is time for the oldies to go," exults the visually challenged psychic.

However, the two of them seem to be worried over PM Vajpayee's health. Both Seth and Dabbuji see the period beginning July as an unstable period for him. "There are strong chances that we might not see much of Vajpayee in the Indian political arena after July," they say.

On the Economy:
There is good news for India on this front. "Beginning July, Jupiter will occupy an auspicious position - it will enter Virgo and this planetary arrangement will have a very positive influence on the Indian economy," explains Seth.

More rains, better agriculture and increased productivity are expected. Venus and Jupiter alignment promises better trade prospects as well. "The textile and gem industry will do very well in the export sector," observes Seth. According to her, those in the real estate industry have all reasons to be optimistic.

The Indian Rupee too will gain better position unlike the Dollar, which will go down. In fact, the US economy has bleak prospects in 2004, concur Dabbuji and Seth. "The New Year will financially be a very strong year for all the Third World countries whereas the US, UK, Germany and Japan will sail on a low tide," adds Dabbuji.

On Natural Calamites:
While Dabbuji singularly predicts that a high-intensity earthquake will hit India (and also Japan, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan) in 2004, he acknowledges that there is a possibility of a cyclone. Seth, on her part, also talks of the latter prediction. She warns against a high death toll because of a cyclone - the likely period of its occurrence being mid-May to mid-June.

India at Olympics:
Both Seth and Dabbuji promise gold medals for India in the forthcoming Olympics games to be held in Athens, Greece. "I can safely vouch for at least two," says Seth with a smile.

And as for the US President George Bush:
Both state that Bush's popularity in post-Saddam arrest era is unlikely to go up. "Be sure that he isn't winning the next election," each of them says!

First Published: Jan 01, 2004 19:14 IST