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Beginning of life

Kryon, the Master Entity, who is channeling his messages on Earth, has explained, with excruciating clarity, how life appeared on Earth.

india Updated: Mar 03, 2004 15:45 IST

Kryon, the Master Entity, who is channeling his messages on Earth, has finally explained something, which has foxed humans for aeons. The answer to the question of when life first appeared on Earth is given with excruciating clarity in the following excerpt.

Speculation can now be set at rest, for as he says, biologists will very shortly find proof of what he is telling us. Various theorists have put forward Darwinian ideas of life evolving through amoeba and other simple forms into more and more complex ones, culminating in the advent of the human body. The truth is exposed in Kryon's words:

"The Arrival of Biology
"Now we talk to the biologists. You want to see a big bang? Explain this one: Five hundred and thirty eight million years ago, life began all at once on your planet. Five hundred and thirty eight million years ago - that was yesterday! All over the planet, seemingly at the same time - not through millions of years of evolution, not even through tens of thousands of years - but only a handful of years, life populated the entire Earth all at once. Unbelievable? Go find the 4D evidence. It's there.

"You might ask, "How did such a thing happen? Is there proof? Oh yes. Ask your biologists. They will find that this is so. Everywhere they look, at one point there was no life. The rocks reveal this. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, there was! And that's because it was delivered here! In those early days, the essence of life (which permeates the Universe) was delivered on schedule. How else would you explain such a biological explosion? It was by design, and you, dear ones, were here and watched it happen.

"This is a finely cooked meal, this earth, which took billions of years to prepare so that you could sit in the throne of its completion. Seemingly, within the last few seconds of Earth's history, humanity came to bring about a profound test of energy - one that might make the Universe change energy once more. This is why we love you so much"

"The Grid: now here you are. The meal of Earth has been cooked for ages, ready to eat. The Earth was prepared. The angels that would inhabit it stood by and watched, and prepared to become Human. When the Earth was cooling we laid the grid lines. The magnetic grid was begun. The core of the Earth was involved - the sun was involved, and all the pieces and parts that went into it, I oversaw that is why they call me The Magnetic Master!"

Next week I shall write about the channeling on the Arrival of the Humans, and Human Consciousness.

First Published: Mar 03, 2004 15:11 IST