Rajasthan: Voices, hopes and expectations aplenty

Professionals, representatives of different communities share their suggestions to be included by political parties in their manifestos.

india Updated: Sep 30, 2013 16:58 IST
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Improve working conditions of hospitals and dispensaries

Nasreen Bharati, doctor and general secretary of All Rajasthan In-service Doctors’ Association

Spreading awareness about disease prevention is an important issue. Proper health education at the school level is important.


The free medicine policy has augmented the doctor’s responsibility manifold. There is an urgent need to raise the allowances of doctors. Steps should be taken to improve the working conditions and infrastructure of hospitals and dispensaries.

While framing policies for doctors, their views should be taken into consideration. Doctors should be given a chance to head at the government level.

Medical education is known to be extremely expensive. Steps should be taken to minimise costs.

The doctor-patient ratio in an outpatient department is a dismal 1:10,000, which indicates that many emergency patients suffer. Measures should be taken to balance the ratio in order to get better services from doctors.

Need human resources policy for health, medical sectors

Dr SS Agarwal: Honorary secretary of Indian Medical Association

Medical and health services are suffering due to lack of human resources and there is shortage of trained manpower.

There is need for a human resources policy for the medical and health sectors. The recruitments should happen in a timebound manner.


The announcement about a transfer policy should also be included in the manifesto. The transfers in medical and health sectors should take place on the basis of counselling. Provisions about rural posting should be included in the transfer policy.

There is need for a healthcare and medical refor ms commission for more suggestions and upgrade. The sector needs reforms and upgrade frequently to ensure quality services. A housing policy for government employees should also be announced as the employees feel lost when transferred.

A state medical service cadre is needed to deal with issues of recruitment and staff promotion. Political parties should also take note of the issue of implementing diplomat national board at district hospitals.

A Rajasthan Health Infrastructure Development Project is required for continuation and improvement of the medical and health infrastructure. Besides, there is need for regular training of medical staff.

The chief minister’s free medicine scheme is good, but it has remained only on paper - proper benefit is not reaching the people.

A policy for retired doctors is also needed. There are several retired doctors who want to continue in their profession to serve the masses. The retirement age of doctors needs to raised.

The medical tourism sector needs a boost and medial clusters need to be formed. Injections for all diseases should be available for free.

Political parties should give 5% reservation to Gurjars

https://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2013/9/rajasthan_3_new.jpgCol Kirori Singh Bainsla, president of Rajasthan Gurjar Arakshan Sangarsh samiti

Political parties should promise to provide 5% reservation to Gurjars within the 50% limit set by the Supreme Court.

They should provide jobs promised to Gurjars and end the backlog.

Gurjars should be accorded the same facilities as SCs/STs.

Representation to Dalits on reserved, general seats

PL Mimroth, founder patron, Centre for Dalit Rights


Political representation of Dalits has been only token so far. It must be made more effective. We want parties to give representation to those Dalits who are capable not only on reserved seats but also on general seats.

Issues of Dalits should not be politicized. Education, malnutrition, employment, land rights, untouchability, access to water and other social discrimination should be beyond political lines. All parties should promise to carry out campaign against this.

The Education minister should be from the Dalit community as he or she can understand the problem of the Dalits better.

There is a lot of money given for the SC and ST subplans. But the parties should budget it and spend it properly as per the act.

Implement Ranganath Mishra Committee report

Engineer Mohammad Salim, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind national secretary


Ranganath Mishra committee in its report has suggested the government to give 15% reservation to all minorities and 10% to Muslims. This should be included in the election manifesto and whatever hindrances are coming in implementation of the same should be removed.

Similarly, in communal riots, action is not taken against the officers involved in it we have been demanding for a long time to pass a bill in this regard.

He said a bill should be passed in the house in this regard, so that there is check on the communal violence and riots and action is taken against the responsible people. 15% of the total budget should be spent on minority development at every level and periodical assessment should be done and officials should be made accountable for the same if not spent, he added.

Fill vacancies on time; calculate cost of child’s education

Jayant Singh, president Rajasthan University Teachers’ Association (RUTA)


Political parties in their election manifesto should promise that they will discuss with university’s senior professors prior coming up with any policy.

They will fill the vacancies on time, so that there is no backlog. They should open one more Central University in Rajasthan at Jaipur. He suggested that while appointing vice chancellor of university, only teachers should be preferred.

In regard to private universities, government should keep a check on the quality of faculties, so that quality of education could be maintained.

Manoj Modi, Director, Kapil Gyanpeeth

Under right to education, the government gives Rs. 9000 per child per annum, which I feel that the government should calculate the cost per child in the government school including infrastructure, salary to teachers etc and then decide over it.


The private schools are ready even if government after the calculation offers 75% of it.

The money of Rs. 9000 offered under RTE by the government is very less and that took is not given on time.

This should be included in the election manifesto of the political parties.

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