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Suneel, Kangana's lingua fracas

The just released Shakalaka Boom Boom hasn't been a very happy experience either for its director or the actress.
IANS | By Subhash K Jha, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 12, 2007 01:39 PM IST

The just released Shakalaka Boom Boom hasn't been a very happy experience either for its director Suneel Darshan or his leading lady Kangana Ranaut.

From day one, the two appeared to have a compatibility issue, culminating in what appeared to be an un-resolvable face-off when Kangana's voice was dubbed in another voice that sounds suspiciously like the film's supporting actress Celina Jaitley.

"It does sound like Celina, that's what my sister and my best friend seem to think," said Kangana.

"I've no clue who it is. All I know is, that isn't my voice in the film," Kangana told IANS.

Apparently, the Gangster girl came to know what was in store only a week before the film's release.

"I hadn't dubbed my entire portion. When I kept asking Suneelji's production house about the remaining dubbing, they wouldn't reply. Then I knew what was in store," says Kangana.

But Darshan has another story to tell.

"I don't do anything that's not contractually specified. And I certainly don't do anything underhand. Beyond that I don't wish to comment on Kangana and her dubbing at all."

Suneel admits that the dubbing was done by another artist.

"I needed a particular twang and accent for Kangana's character. If she had given the film the time and attention that it deserved, we'd have worked on her character's language. Alas, Kangana didn't think Shakalaka Boom Boom was important enough."

Replies Kangana: "What can I do if I don't speak the King's or Queen's English? I am from a small town and proud of it. In fact, I'm most comfortable speaking in Hindi. I am a Hindi actress and unlike some of my colleagues, who need to write out their dialogues in the Roman script, I write, read and speak Hindi very well. In fact, at an awards function in Malaysia I gave my thank you speech in Hindi which was much appreciated."

But Kangana is proud of Shakalaka Boom Boom.

"If Suneelji thinks I didn't give the film the attention it deserved, then I apologise to him. To me Shakalaka... is as precious as Gangster and Woh Lamhe and Metro that releases next."

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