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Temple of Rejuvenation

In the times of Atlantis, the Lost Continent, which was destroyed in the Great Flood, humans had reached a very high degree of enlightenment.

india Updated: Dec 06, 2003 17:52 IST

In the times of Atlantis, the Lost Continent, which was destroyed in the Great Flood, humans had reached a very high degree of spiritual enlightenment. This enlightened state had led them to become so close to God and His outworking, that one of the most well-known procedures was the way the Atlanteans rejuvenated their bodies, every three years.

You see, our physical bodies were initially made to last for 950 years, but the life span was shortened to the proverbial three-score-and-ten, whenever growing karmic liabilities had to be worked out. Frequent death, every sixty or seventy years, was the catalyst for experiencing spiritual growth. Scientists have now predicted, that with the advent of life-prolonging scientific discoveries, the present population of the world could expect to live a life of at least double of their normal life-span!

What was this Temple of Rejuvenation all about? Basically, it worked on the diseased organs of the body, which needed to be re-polarized magnetically, for perfect health, once every three years. What did it look like on the outside?

I quote from a channeling by Kryon:*

"I take you to a great city of enlightenment, and I ask you to view the building you are about to enter. Many of you will feel the feelings, and smell the smells of this familiar place. This is a great double-spired structure, but one of the spires points Earthward, and one points skyward, with the room of action resting between the spires at the midpoint. The structure is supported by legs or stilts, attached to the midpoint. It is a sacred place of work.

"This is the Temple of Renewal or Rejuvenation. For it is here that humans of choosing, undergo a three year cycle of refreshening… the process which will keep them alive and balanced far beyond the years of life that you currently experience in your culture. This is a temple, because it is recognized that the balance of a human is one that involves reverence and respect, and honour for spirit, mind and physical. This culture understands this. It also understands the numbers… and the biology and the physics surrounding the numbers. This was the only culture on Earth which easily put them together to create the mechanisms for life extension and for health."

The principle behind this process of life extension was that every organ of the human body gets de-polarized, or loses the balance between its magnetic symmetry of its cells every three years, causing degeneration and ill-health. This leads to the process we call ageing, and finally resulting in the death of the human, as the organs are no longer able to support the human body. Diseases like heart problems, cancers, diabetes, and arthritis were all cured through this hands-on procedure.

Next week I shall explain how this magic was performed in this famous Temple.

* The excerpt is extracted from The Kryon Channellings - Don't Think Like Human, by Lee Carroll.

First Published: Dec 06, 2003 17:38 IST