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Top 5 shotguns

Research shows that wielding a shotgun can have the same effect as ten adrenaline-filled injections. Here’s a list of the top five bloodlust-inducing shotguns. Nikhil Singh gives you the details.
None | By Nikhil Singh
UPDATED ON MAY 04, 2008 10:15 PM IST

When you’re cornered and outnumbered by the biggest, meanest fiends in the gaming world, there’s only one thing that can give you enough courage — a shotgun. Research shows that wielding a shotgun can have the same effect as ten adrenaline-filled injections. Here’s a list of the top five bloodlust-inducing shotguns:

Clark 15B — Battlefield 2142

Whether it’s defending a Titan or close-quarter ground combat, a skilled Clark 15B user can dispose off a squad of even the most elite soldiers in seconds. An often misunderstood weapon, the Clark 15B is lethal even in medium ranges. The fact that it packs seven shells per magazine gives you enough time to demolish your enemy even as you dodge bullets.

The Clark is the last unlock in one of the two trees of the Support Class in Battlefield 2142. Though many tend to ignore it, it has an excellent re-fire rate for a shotgun, and allows you to get trigger happy.

Dual Maulers — Halo 3

Halo 3 wasn’t too innovative a game, but for me, the best thing that came out of it was the Mauler. This pistol-like shotgun has an awesome rate of fire and being small, is very versatile too.

By itself, this gun isn’t as powerful as the standard Halo shotgun. Get two and it’s a whole new story. You can use the left and right trigger on your Xbox 360 controller to fire the guns in quick succession, or fire both together for an extremely powerful punch.

M1014 — Call of Duty 4

The M1014 is a real-life shotgun with a semi-automatic mode that allows you go crazy with the trigger. The CoD4 version of the gun is the most power-packed shotgun I’ve seen it a long time.

To balance out the the gun’s raw power and extreme rate of fire, Infinity Ward gave the gun only four rounds per clip, which means you have to reload after every firefight. Once you get the ‘Sleight of Hand’ perk though, you’re in business! This lets you reload at lightning fast speeds. Install the grip upgrade, and the gun becomes an accurate killing machine that everyone should fear. The gun’s pounding sound enhances its deadliness by striking fear in the heart of the enemy.

Dual sawed-off shotguns — Max Payne 2

This one is a sort of legend: Performing a slow-motion dive into a corridor, pumping your enemies full of lead within seconds — watching them shake about like rag dolls (albeit unrealistically)... that, my friend, is what I call shooting poetry. The best part about these shotguns is that there’s always enough ammo lying around. When I get bored, I’d just reload a saved game where I was surrounded by enemies, go into slow-mo, blow their brains-out, rinse, reload the game, and repeat. This is stuff that never gets old!

Mossberg 500 variant — BioShock

I love the way 2K Games has paid attention to minute details in BioShock. The shotgun in the game actually tells the story of how much time their designer must have spent to examine the blueprints of the Mossberg 500 shotgun, and modify it both aesthetically and functionally to suit the world of Rapture.

Don’t be mistaken though — this gun is not just eye candy. Modify the gun fully through the course of your game, and you’ll have one of the most powerful weapons you’re ever going to wield in Rapture. Each modification is visually apparent, making the gun look bulkier and sexier, while adding a huge amount of power. To top it all, you can pick your ammo depending on the kind of enemy you’re up against; now that’s customisation for you!

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