CBSE Results 2017 See how CBSE marks have shot up over the last decade

If you managed to get 88% in your Class 12 CBSE exam in 2015, you would have scored merely 78% a decade earlier.

HT analysed Class 12 CBSE results from 2004 to 2015 and calculated how board exam scores have increased over the years.

Enter the average for your top five subjects with a year to see how much you would have scored years later or earlier.

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The central examination board that has been providing grace marks, has also seen an overall increase in the average percentage of students. While percentage of students scoring more than 80% constantly increases, things don't not change much for those below 40%.

Students are scoring more over the years

Percentage of students by average marks scored in CBSE. (2004-2015)

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Data was accessed by querying all possible roll numbers for different years at, and parsing the result for valid roll numbers. The data set is expected to be close to complete. For all analysis, only students who gave an exam for five or more subjects were considered and rest were excluded.

For the first chart, we first removed the students who sat for less than 5 exams. Then we calculated the percentile wise marks distribution for each of the year and also corresponding marks wise percentile distributions. The marks you enter are queried for the percentile in which they lie in the selected year and the corresponding percentile wise marks for all the years are plotted.