the aforenamed persons namely, my husband, father-in-law , mother-in-law, sister-in-law/nanad, had beaten me black and blue with brooms, fists and slaps. I had sustained several injuries all over my body my head neck arms legs and back etc. however I had not complained to the police
Smt.taunted for insufficient dowry stating “ Rahul ka to bhagya hi phoot gaya, itni sasti aur halki shadi ki to humne aasha hi nahi ki thi, bina car ki bhi koi shadi hoti hai , kahin aur shadi karte to moti raqam k sath car bhi milti aur property bhi.” I tolerated the aforesaid act
। ये सब सुनकर मुझे बहुत मानसिक उत्पीडना हुई। मेरी ननद बोली कि हमने सोचा था कि तेरा बाप हमे कोई बडी लक्जरी कार देगा लेकिन उसने हमें छोटी सी कार पकडा दी । इसी दौरान मेरे पति भी ड्राइंग रुम मे आ गए और मेरी सास, ससुर और ननद की बात सुनकर आगबबूला हो गए और मुझसे मेरे ससुरालवालों ने बोलना छोड दिया

Delhi's Dowry Bazaar A buffalo to a gas cylinder, an auto rickshaw to an Audi, a few thousands to a crore in cash – what sells in Delhi weddings.

In Delhi, crimes such as murder, rape, robbery or snatching decrease every year but not dowry. Dowry harassment cases have almost doubled in the last 5 years.

How big is Delhi’s dowry market? Does dowry exist only in lower income groups? What are the common dowry demands?

HT analysed all 1,330 dowry cases registered in the first 6 months of 2017. Here are the findings.

Cases HT analysed are allegations by the women but yet to be proven in court. Unlike other states, in Delhi all the 1,330 cases were registered by the order of the sub-divisional magistrate, court or a deputy commissioner of police.

Each circle represents a woman in Delhi who filed a case of dowry harassment.
In 959 cases, women alleged being harassed for a demand of either cash, car, motorcycle, LED TV or property.
Let's take a closer look at these 959 cases.
Out of 1,330 women, more than half specified the cash they paid or were asked. The total exceeded 66 crore. The rest were harassed for reasons other than cash.
Bigger the dot, higher the cash demand.
Dowry exists among the rich too. In 9 cases, the cash asked for was more than a crore. The highest demand was 2.5 crore.
Bigger the dot, higher the cash demand.
From an auto-rickshaw to an Audi, in Delhi, the size and brand of cars make or break marriages. One out of three women — 441 cases — alleged harassment for not giving a specific car. Honda City was the most sought after car in Delhi weddings.
Bikes are less popular than cars. A two-wheeler was the demand in 198 cases. The most common was Royal Enfield Bullet.
At least 5 women alleged their husband made sex tapes and threatened to upload them on the internet if the dowry wasn’t paid.
In one case, a woman alleged her kidney was forcibly sold to a relative by her in-laws.
54 women died because of dowryin the first six months of 2017. In most cases, women were found hanging.

Every day, at least 10 women in Delhi report dowry harassment. Between 2012 and 2016, there have been 715 dowry deaths in the city.

If you are a victim of dowry harassment in Delhi, call 1091.

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