Gujarat assembly election live results 2017

Hindustan Times brings you real-time updates and analysis of the Gujarat assembly election results. See results broken down by party, coalition, gender, margin of victory, and more.

Source: Election Commission of India (ECI), Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)

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Geographic analysis

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Voter turnout
What percentage of electors actually voted?
Margin of victory / lead
What's the gap between first and second place?
Did the party that currently holds the seat retain it?

Where parties gained/lost

In 2012, the BJP won nearly all of the small but populous urban constituencies, while the constituencies with higher rural populations were more competitve. To win, Congress will need to remain competitive in rural Gujarat while increasing its vote share in the urban constituencies.


Margin of victory

Elections in Gujarat have become increasingly competitive over the years. The median margin of victory was about 22% in 1962. In 1995, when the BJP first came to power in the state, that figure was about 13%. By 2012, it had dropped to less than 11%. Will the trend continue this year?


Know more about the winners

Winning MLAs tend to be male, educated, and wealthy. More often than not, at least some winning candidates stand accused in criminal cases.

Winners declared


How many women won?
How educated are the winning MLAs?
Criminal cases
How many MLAs face criminal charges?
Net assets
How rich are the new members of the state assembly?

Party-wise results

The BJP has controlled the Gujarat state assembly for 22 consecutive years. Exit polls predict the BJP to win again in 2017. The BJP’s only serious challenger is the Indian National Congress.

Leading candidates

# Result Declared Constituency Party Name Vote share (%) Lead margin (%)

By Harry Stevens, Gurman Bhatia, Samarth Bansal, and Piyush Aggarwal.