We'll tell you if you've been wasting too much money at the movies based on how many ads you remember

Movies are expensive and buying popcorn in movie theatres could mean putting your kidneys on mortgage. However, the emptying pockets seem worth it when the lights go down in a theatre and that Warner Bros/20th Century Fox/Universal logo comes up on the screen. For two hours, you submit yourself to the movies and delve deep into a world of mystery, wonder, romance or horror, all in the comfort of a recliner seat. Nothing short of magical, isn't it?

But good things come to those who wait and if you live in one of the metro cities of the country, you'd know how long that wait can be. Anti-smoking ads, Swach Bharat ads, life insurance ads and a bajillion Manyavar ads continue for aeons until you are finally allowed to watch the movie you have paid for.

After years of watching movies in theaters, these ads have been embedded deep into our conscience. Don't believe us, check all the ads you have seen (or remember) in the following list to reveal if you have been spending way too many hours at the movies: