Around the world with PM Modi: Track his trips and how much they cost

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has flown 3.4 lakh kilometres, which is the equivalent of going eight-and-a-half times around the world, as part of official foreign trips over the last three years.

The map below shows all foreign trips of Modi. The green circles indicate the countries he has visited and the yellow ones are planned visits in the near future.

Hover over a circle to see details.

The PMO website provides details of all foreign visits of Modi. He has visited 45 countries over the course of 119 days – around 10% of his prime ministerial tenure so far.

However, data show that the number of days Modi spent abroad has decreased in recent times. In his first year as Prime Minister (May 2014 to May 2015), he stayed in foreign countries for 55 days. That figure came down to 40 in the second year, and 24 in the third – which he is about to complete.

He made multiple trips to nine countries: Four times to the US and twice to Afghanistan, China, France, Japan, Nepal, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan.

PMO data reveal that India has spent Rs 275 crore on chartered flights used by Modi for these visits. This excludes the expenditure for five trips, data for which is not available. Flight costs came up to Rs 31.2 crore – the highest among trips undertaken by Modi as the Prime Minister – for an eight-day journey through France, Germany and Canada from April 9 to 17 in 2015.

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