The image shows a cat.(Reddit/@ActuallyARobot-lol)
The image shows a cat.(Reddit/@ActuallyARobot-lol)

This cat may be the cutest ‘shopkeeper’ you’ve ever seen. Watch

“Super adorable,” read one comment under the post.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON SEP 28, 2020 06:17 PM IST

Imagine walking into a store. You browse around the aisle for some time, pick up the items you need and then some that you want. Then, you walk up to the counter only to notice an unexpected but much-appreciated cashier waiting for you. It is, none other than the Internet’s favourite four-legged furry friend, a cat. If the picture that we just painted seems hard for you to imagine, worry not. Here is a video showing that reality which may help you a little and entertain you a whole lot.

Posted on Reddit on September 27, this recording is 10 seconds long. “Shopkeeper Kitty,” reads the caption shared alongside the post.

The clip opens to the shot of the inside of a store. A tiny cat is situated right behind the till. The feline continuously meows at the cameraperson repeatedly. Watching it may make you wonder, “What is it saying?”.

Check out the post which has already amassed over 6,500 upvotes and nearly 50 comments on the subreddit ‘cats with jobs’.

Here is how Redditors reacted to the share. One person said, “I’d buy everything and not even ask the price”. Honestly, with such a cute cashier, we may do the same.

Another individual wrote, “I’ll take your entire stock”. “Super adorable,” read one comment under the post.

Somebody else declared, “Whatever this kitty’s selling, I’m buying”. A Redditor proclaimed, “Even the cat screams at you. ‘You touch, you buy’”.

What are your thoughts on this adorable little shopkeeper?

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