Day 3, Week 2: On a healthy track

Delhiites are foregoing all indulgences to transform their life with our 12-week definitive health plan — Get Healthy, Delhi. Here’s your regime for Day 3, Week 2

lifestyle Updated: Aug 28, 2013 01:31 IST
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Delhiites are foregoing all indulgences to transform their life with our 12-week definitive health plan — Get Healthy, Delhi. Here’s your regime for Day 3, Week 2

workout of the day

Basic Table Top Crunch
Crunches are one of the most popular exercises for the abdominal region. Having said that, most people are doing them incorrectly these days, ending up straining their shoulders, rather than working out the core area. Here’s how the proper crunch should be done.

Picture 1a:
Lie down on the back with the legs in the table top position. In case you have any back problems, you may either place the legs on the bed or put a small cushion under your lower back. Interlock your fingers on the base of your head, so that the neck and shoulders are relaxed. Inhale and do small movements up and down. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Do three sets.
Picture 1b: Challenge yourself by stretching your legs all the way up to the ceiling, as much as your flexibility allows. At the same time, try to lift your pubic bone and tail bone up towards the ceiling while pressing your lower back into the ground. This will additionally engage your core area and will give a support to the lower back area.
By Vesna Jacob, fitness expert and healer

yogasana of the day

The Pavan-mukta-asana, also known as the Wind Releasing pose, is exactly what it suggests. For proper functioning of the body, proper digestion and removal of toxic gases from the body is a must. One of the simplest poses in yoga, this asana can be tried even by a beginner, very easily. It helps in digestion, removes toxic gases, and also strengthens the lower back muscles, tummy muscles and thighs.

Lie on your back. Lift one of your knees and bend it towards your chest with the help of your hands. Try and make your nose touch your knee. The second leg remains on the ground.
Once you are slightly comfortable, try raising the second leg in the air till about a 30 degrees level. Remain in the pose for around 20 seconds. Now, slowly get back to rest and relax. Alternate this with the other leg too. Repeat whole set once again.
By Juhi Garg, yoga expert

Week 2
Day 3

Diet for today

Breakfast: 2 yellow moong dal cheela with mint chutney, and a cup of tea without sugar
Mid Morning: 1 cup green tea and 5-6 almonds
Lunch: 1 medium bowl brown rice veg pulao with ghiya raita
Evening: 1 small bowl roasted murmura chaat with a cup of tea without sugar
Dinner: 1 roti with peas and mushroom subzi, a bowl of salad with tomatoes, shredded cabbage and spring onion
Post Dinner: A small bowl of papaya

Recipe of brown rice pulao
In a shallow pot, heat 1 tsp low cal oil, put shahi jeera, along with 1 tsp mix of whole spices like cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves and clove. Add chopped onions and red bell pepper, along with steamed diced carrots, green beans and gonhi. Saute for a minute. Add 1/4 cup washed brown rice. Mix well on low flame. Pour 1 cup water, salt and ginger paste. Cover tightly and cook on a low flame till the water is entirely absorbed and the rice is well cooked.

Breakfast: Multigrain or oat bread toast with 1 glass low fat milk + 1 sweet lime
Mid Morning: 5-6 almonds
Lunch: 1 medium bowl of 150gm tofu with stir-fried veggies
Evening: 1 cup black coffee or a cup of green tea without sugar
Dinner: 1 medium bowl boiled chickpeas salad with stir fried onion, cabbage and capsicum.
Post Dinner: 1 cup green tea

Recipe of tofu with stir-fried veggies
In a skillet, heat 1 tsp low cal cooking oil and fry 1/2 tsp chopped garlic and 1/4 tsp black pepper powder. Add a sliced onion, one green and one yellow bell pepper if possible, and one diced tomato. Fry for about 30 seconds on high flame. Now add diced tofu, saute for a minute or so, and it’s done.

Keep in Mind
Begin the day with a glass of hot water with a few drops of lemon juice n Avoid sugar or sugary beverages and diet colas n Avoid sugary fruits, including grapes, mango, banana, cheeku, sarda, musk melon (kharbooz) n Say no to pickles, papad and oily condiments n No curd at night
Don’t skip meals and always try to have your meals on time

First Published: Aug 27, 2013 16:46 IST