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Updated on Jun 07, 2022 02:55 PM IST
HT City Showstoppers cuts the social media noise on celebrity style with shop-the-look curations, designer capsules and styling tips
HT City Showstoppers celebrates fashion that makes waves.
HT City Showstoppers celebrates fashion that makes waves.
ByEtti Bali, New Delhi

In a world ruled by celebrity style, red carpet looks and a voyeuristic appetite to know who-wore what-where, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying, hoarding and wearing the right clothes on the wrong personality. Mindless copying to the last detail just because a top celebrity looked good in it often ends up diluting an individual’s own personality, leading to major #fashionfails. The race to dress-like-the-celeb has been aided by the rise of social media where fashion pages advertise fashion by the dozen.

We at HT City felt the need to declutter this space by handpicking accessible celebrity looks that can be easily given an individualistic twist. Enter HT City Showstoppers, a path-breaking, informative guide for fashion makers and consumers that offers shop-the-look references and thoughtful styling tips, helping fashion forwards sort the problem of plenty.

With its pulse on latest celebrity outings, localised shopping guides and a curation of homegrown labels worn by celebrities, HT City Showstoppers celebrates fashion that makes waves. Here’s what some of the biggest names in fashion have to say about HT City Showstoppers:

Masoom Minawala Mehta, Lifestyle Content Creator

Masoom Minawala Mehta.
Masoom Minawala Mehta.

Platforms like HT City Showstoppers act as the bridge to bring celebrity fashion to a common person’s attention. From watching live streamed catwalk shows to reading tweets from backstage - thanks to the internet and social media, we are far more fashion literate than we were five years ago. The media has made it easy to access the looks and just a bit of creativity is all it takes (to recreate celebrity looks).

Nachiket Barve, Designer

Nachiket Barve.
Nachiket Barve.

There is a huge appetite for understanding fashion trends, and analysing what celebrities are wearing. HT City Showstoppers helps bring this information to social media users on a pronto basis. And with the engaging description and captions, there is an educative kind of process. The platform helps in understanding and picking styling cues, visually training the eye.

Anshika Verma, Bollywood Stylist

Anshika Verma.
Anshika Verma.

HT City Showstoppers does its research well before bringing celeb style to people. They ensure the information they put out is accurate and the best part is they make you believe that celebrity style is accessible to you as well, which is the truth in today’s time. I think it’s the way they communicate that helps them stand out - you got to pick your distinct tone, be relatable and find a way to add value to your content.

Paulmi and Harsh, Designer Duo

Harsh & Paulmi.
Harsh & Paulmi.

HT City Showstoppers provides fashion trends along with latest fashion updates. The handle makes it easier to be yourself and find content creators that sync with your aesthetic. They also highlight similar pieces from homegrown labels, sharing how each person on their team would style it, making it easy to find the one that calls out to you. Reels and videos highlight homegrown labels that do similar accessories and separates at affordable prices. The styling, hair and make-up hacks they provide are easy to bookmark, making it fun to recreate the looks we love.

Chamee and Palak, Designer Duo

Given how digital platforms have risen and overtaken traditional media, fashion content sharing platforms play a key role in bringing Bollywood fashion to people’s fingertips. HT City Showstoppers is a prominent platform to stay updated and enjoy your daily fashion dose. Many of us browse through fashion pages on a regular basis, so definitely need and demand exists. It’s fun to adapt a style, but adding some of your own signature elements to it, and making it your own changes the game. And this handle suggests just that!

Sonalika Sahay, Supermodel

Sonalika Sahay.
Sonalika Sahay.

It’s great to have a refreshing fashion handle like HT City Showstoppers that tells you what your favourite stars are wearing, right from head to toe (accessories and makeup included). I like the fact that they pick up the most wearable and relatable looks that work for all kinds of occasions. They also hunt and suggest affordable options that are almost like a replica of the original. I’m sure the millennials and Zen Z are loving them!

Akshay Tyagi, Bollywood Stylist

Akshay Tyagi.
Akshay Tyagi.

Social media is omnipresent. Having said that, there’s over saturation of content. I’d say for a platform to work or be relevant, the right kind of content is necessary. HT City of course has its own following although in my opinion I feel too much diversification might not always be helpful for the audience; the same content is being put by the media and influencers alike which might be too much for the audience at times. However, people do care about some of the original platforms and the content they provide.

Vivek Dhadha, Lifestyle Influencer

Vivek Dhadha
Vivek Dhadha

I think pages like HT City Showstoppers are playing an important part in getting celebrity fashion to the masses. Today, more than ever, people are aware of fashion trends amongst celebrities due to these platforms. As long as you are putting quality content out there, something with an edge, something that stands out, there is always an audience for it

(Inputs by Abigail Banerji and Shruti Shende)

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