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Give a twist to morning bites with garlic bread and cheese dip. Recipe inside

Published on Jun 15, 2022 01:44 PM IST
Here’s a super easy and fun recipe of garlic bread with cheesy dip that you can enjoy with your family and loved ones over conversations.
Give a twist to morning bites with garlic bread and cheese dip. Recipe inside(www.chefkunalkapur.com)
ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi

Garlic breads are unanimously loved. And when they come with a side of cheesy dip, it is a burst of flavours in the mouth. Breakfasts are one of the trickiest meals to prepare because we need to strike the right balance between healthy and tasty and also start the day on a delectable note. Chef Kunal Kapur came to our rescue and shared a recipe from his collection that is not just easy but also super fun to try at home. Take a look:

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For Yeast Mix:

Yeast (dry) – 2tbsp

Sugar – 1tbsp

Salt – a pinch

Flour (all purpose) – 2tbsp

Milk (warm) – ½ cup

For the dough:


Flour (all purpose) – 2cups

Italian Seasoning – 1tbsp

Chilli flakes – 1tsp

Garlic paste – 1tsp

Salt – a generous pinch

Water – as required

Basil chopped – handful

Butter (softened) – 2tbsp

Oil – for basting

For stuffing:

Mozzarella cheese (grated) – ½ cup

Italian herbs – 1tsp

For basting:

Butter – 1tbsp

Garlic chopped – 2tsp

Chilli flakes – a pinch

Mixed herbs – a pinch

Cheesy Dip:

Butter – 2tbsp

Cheese grated – 1cup

Milk – ½ cup


To make the cheesy dip, in a double boiler, mix butter, grated cheese and milk. Keep mixing till the cheese melts. Use a blender to take it smooth. Keep aside. For making the yeast mix, mix yeast, sugar, salt, flour and milk together till the milk starts frothing. This process takes around 45 minutes. For making the dough for the garlic bread, mix flour, Italian seasoning, chilli flakes, garlic paste, salt, water, chopped basil and butter together. Rub the dough to make it stretchy. Round it and baste it with some oil and keep it covered with a wet cloth in a warm place till it doubles in size. This process takes around 45 minutes. In one half place mozzarella grated or sliced, sprinkle some herbs and cover it to shape it like a calzone. For basting, mix all the ingredients and apply on the baking tray. Place the dough and baste it on top as well. Bake it at 180-200 degree C. Serve it hot with cheesy dip.

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