Hottest food trends in 2022

Updated on May 22, 2022 01:05 PM IST
A profitable second-half of 2022 is foreseen for restaurants and if you are wondering what food trends to capitalize on this year, check out these hottest food trends in 2022
Hottest food trends in 2022 (Photo by Johnathan Macedo on Unsplash )
Hottest food trends in 2022 (Photo by Johnathan Macedo on Unsplash )
ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

As lockdowns lift across the world, restaurants are adding to their seating capacities and revenue but the three years of Covid-19 pandemic have changed the way people eat out these days and have resulted in shorter menus, fewer servers, vaccination cards for entry at some places, earlier closing time, QR codes etc. A profitable second-half of 2022 is foreseen for restaurants and if you are wondering what food trends to capitalize on this year, we got you sorted with a list of the hottest food trends in 2022.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Pranav Dhuri, co-owner of Cafe Tato and Petisco, listed these trends as:

1. Smaller menus - A lot of restaurants are going in for smaller menus, to focus on what is being served and also to make it easier for guests to choose from. Helps in reducing inventory and also labour costs.

2. Small plates concept - Seems to be the pick of the season, every new restaurant is trying to get onto this trend to offer guests a chance to experience more from the menu.

3. Ghost kitchens - Kitchens only operate through Delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, this trend seems to go further this year as we see more new entrants in this market where there is no service or physical presence.

4. Farm to table concepts - A lot of restauranteurs are going in for this if they have enough space to grow their ingredients or tie us with local vendors or farms to promote sustainability and also provide guests with fresher and more flavourful healthy meals.

5. A shift towards focusing on vegetarian - Restaurateurs are focusing on increasing the quality, and the number of vegetarian items on the menu. This much-needed change has been due for a very very long time and I’m finally glad it is happening. This trend is also happening because a lot of consumers are shifting to being vegetarians and also focusing on plant-based meals.

6. Building your own - Sandwiches are very popular and during lockdowns, people started going for a lot of sandwiches, challenge was delivering them while still being able to keep their consistency. The trend this season is Build your own, where restauranteurs are giving semi-ready products or ready products separately with instructions, all consumers have to do is follow the instructions. Helps in keeping the freshness and also gives the best possible product.

7. Food trucks - We’ve seen a boom in the last year or so, it will continue to rise and we will see more food truck festivals in the coming times. The food culture on wheels.

Adding to the list, Krishna Reddy, Co-Founder and Chef of Autumn Leaf Bistro Goa, shared:

1. Understanding the origins of food - Customers are becoming more concerned about environmental sustainability and how animals are handled in the food production process. They're curious about what's in their food, how it was manufactured, and where it came from. As a result, restaurants are becoming more selective in their vendor selection. They aim to work with suppliers who believe in sustainability, are environmentally conscious, and share their values.

2. Even more reminiscence - Many people are seeking soothing meals and drinks from the past that provide a sense of familiarity and wistful nostalgia in these turbulent times.

3. Dining out will be more of an experience - Dining experiences will become more transformational as a whole—think restaurants that move visitors to other settings at different points during the dinner, or different music tempos to complement each course, and so on. Themed menus, innovative settings, beverage brand partners, branded decor, cooking workshops, prix-fixe menus, and uber-Instagrammable moments are all things to look out for.

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