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Tech review: Vivo V5 smartphone

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Nov 25, 2016 19:01 IST

The USP of the Vivo V5 is a 20MP front camera. The back camera is 13MP(Photo courtesy: Vivo)

The Vivo V5 bravely packs in a 20MP front camera. But you need to read this before you spend Rs17.9k

Quick specs

What: Vivo V5
At a glance: Android 6.0, 5.5in screen, 720p display, 32GB
storage, 3,000mAh battery.
USP: 20MP front camera
Best buy: Rs 17,980 (offline stores)
Our rating: 2/5

It’s been hard to take your eyes off the shiny, big boys: the iPhone 7 and the Pixel. But in India, Apple fan-boys and big spenders apart, the real competition is still in the mid-range Android market.

The Vivo V5 comes into a saturated space. One that gives you Honors, LeEcos, more Vivos, and, of course, Motorolas, to choose from.

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With the V5, Vivo has thrown in some predictable elements — the widely copied iPhone design, a fingerprint reader. And a big surprise: a 20MP front camera, over a 13MP primary camera.

Seeing double? From left: The iPhone 6s, and the Vivo V5 (Photo: Sarit Ray)

What’s good

It is hard to go wrong with design when you emulate the best. The V5 isn’t the first mid-range phone to be inspired by the iPhone 6. But this one’s gone so far as to copy the camera and LED placement, side buttons, colour, the little stripe at the bottom, even.

But hey, your 17k phone looks like the iPhone, so you won’t complain. The Corning Glass display is wide enough to read books on, and see video clips, and the audio’s more than sufficiently loud.

We’re big fans of the fingerprint reader on the front of the screen (so you don’t have to keep picking it up). And the one on the V5 is quick and accurate. The camera packs in slow-mo (struggles, and drops video quality) and time-lapse (impressive).

Video: The V5 pulls off time-lapse quite well

Video: It struggles with the slow-motion

A video posted by Sarit Ray (@saritray) on

What’s not

So, how good is the front camera, really? It’s great in natural light, and gives you sharp, detailed, wide-angle shots.

But, go indoors, or try it in the evening, and the images get a bit blurry and grainy. The flash does fix the problem, but we don’t always like a white flash.

The primary camera, inspite of the fewer megapixels, is a lot more stable, and pulls off low light decently. On a big 5.5inch screen, it’s disappointing to see a 720p display. The cheaper, and older, Honor 5c packs in a 1080p screen.

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Decent close-ups and sharp images on the primary camera (Photo: Sarit Ray)
Photos shot on night mode feel extremely pixellated. You’re better off shooting in regular mode. (Photo: Sarit Ray)

Also, while the V5 has an impressive 4GB RAM, it is elusive about the specifications of its chipset. A great way to find out is to download a video-editing software and try to overlay videos. This one wasn’t capable of it. Which means that the clock speed would be under 2.0 Ghz.


The V5 looks great, the battery lasts through the day, and it clicks decent selfies. If that’s all you want from a phone, go for it. But chances are, at upward of 15k, you have a lot more to choose from.

First Published: Nov 24, 2016 18:07 IST