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Apple pie modak and more: 5 Ganeshotsav recipes you’d want to try asap

Your festive recipes. Reinvented.

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Celebrate Ganeshotsav with family, friends and festive yet foolproof holiday dishes.

1. Apple Pie Modak: Or how to greet an Englishman during Ganeshotsav.

Ingredients: For the dough: multigrain flour: 1/2 cup; olive oil: 2 tbsp; a pinch of salt; water as required; for the stuffing: Red apples, chopped and peeled: 4; Rolled oats, lighlty toasted: ½ cup; honey: 1/3 cup; hazelnuts, chopped: ¼ cup; olive oil: 2 tbsp; cinnamon powder: 1 tsp

• Make the dough by mixing together flour, oil and a pinch of salt. • Add water, a little at a time, till you get a chapatti dough consistency. Knead well, cover it with a wet cloth, and keep covered for 10 minutes. • To make the stuffing: On a skillet, add chopped apples, hazelnuts and oats. Mix well. Add cinnamon powder and make a thick stuffing. Keep aside to cool. • To make the modak: Make small balls with the dough. • Roll one by one with rolling pin to make thin discs. Keep these discs covered with moist cloth or moist kitchen paper towel. • Hold the disc in your left palm in the shape of a a bowl, and place the filling in the centre, then close the sides to makein the shape of a fresh fig. • Once the modaks are ready, bake: Place on a baking tray lined with greased aluminium foil. Brush each modak with olive oil to give it a nice glaze. Bake at 180 C for 20 minutes. • After every 10 minutes, flip and bake the other side. • Remove and keep on a cooling rack.
-By Chef Ranveer Brar

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2. Sweet Arancini Balls: This red rice coconut pudding ball is super easy to make. And it’s delicious.

Sweet Arncini balls.

Ingredients: Red rice, soaked and cooked: 1.5 cups; coconut milk: ½ cup; milk: ½ cup; brown sugar: ½ cup; vanilla extract; kafir lime leaves, sliced: 3-4; rose water (optional); mango: ripe, peeled and cut into thin slices: ½; fresh lime juice: ½ teaspoon; breadcrumb to coat; oil to deep-fry

• Heat milk in a pot and add cooked rice. Cook for 2-3 minutes • Add brown sugar, vanilla extract, kafir lime, kafir lime leaves, and cook until the mik is almost absorbed . Turn off the flame. • Scoop into a bowl or individual serving dishes, and allow it to cool. • Make small balls, roll in breadcrumb, and deep-fry until golden brown.
-By Chef Ranveer Brar

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3. Kiwi Shahi Tukra: Almonds, pistachios, kiwi, low fat milk and candied ginger. As sweet as a festive recipe should be.

Kiwi Shahi Tukra.

Ingredients: almonds: 10-15, unsalted pistachios: 10-15, bread: 4 slices, low-fat milk: 500 ml; green cardomom powder: 1 tsp; sugar: 5 tbsp; saffron: 1g; rose water: 3 tsp; candied ginger: 6-7 pieces; thinly sliced kiwi: 6-7

• Put the almonds in boiling water to blanch. Remove in 40-45 seconds when the skin wrinkles, and rinse under cold water. Peel and slice thinly. Repeat with the pistachios. • Take a slice of bread and cut pieces using a cookie cutter. Toast the pieces on low heat. • Pour milk into a pan; add cardammom powder, honey and saffron. When the milk simmers, add toasted bread and rose water. Remove the bread when soft, and let the milk simmer. Remove gently as it breaks easily at this point. • Place a few pieces of sliced candied ginger and kiwi on a piece of bread. Top with another piece like a sandwich. When the simmering milk has achieved a slightly thick texture, pour over the bread. • Garnish with silver foil. Serve with a sprinkle of almonds and pistachios.
-By Chef Ranveer Brar

4. Modak Cake Pops: Give the modak a contemporary twist, with molten chocolate lollipop and a modak-shaped cake pop.

Modak cake pops.

Ingredients: Sponge cake, buttercream icing, melted chocolate, sprinkles, lollipop stick, stryofoam (as base); For butter cream icing: Icing sugar: 100g; butter: 50g

• Take the cake and crumble it with your hand until it has a sandy texture. • Beat the icing sugar and butter till soft and creamy, then add it to the mixture to make it moist enough to shape. • Put the mix in a modak mould to shape. • Chill for 20-25 minutes. • Dip the lollipop stick into a bit of melted chocolate, then into a shaped Modak cake pop. • Dip the entire cakepop into melted chocolate to fully coated. • Decorate with sprinkles.
-By Chef Rakhee Vaswani

5. Fudgy Mithai Jars: Fudge meets mithai. In a jar.

Fudgy Mithai Jar.

Ingredients: Sponge cake; For the chocolate sauce: dark cooking chocolate: 100g, fresh cream: 50g; chocolate barfi: 50g; For the white chocolate sauce: White cooking chocolate: 100gm; fresh cream: 50g; kesar peda: 50g; For garnishing: chocolate pistachio; silver varq

For chocolate sauce: Bring cream to boil, add chopped chocolate and chocolate barfi, and whisk till it forms a luscious sauce; pour in the piping bag. • For white chocolate sauce: Bring cream to a boil and add chopped white chocolate and kesar peda, whisk till it forms a smooth sauce and pour in the piping bag. • For layers: Add a layer of vanilla cake in the jar. Add a layer of chocolate barfi sauce. Add a thin layer of white cake. Add the layer of chocolate cake. Add a layer of chocolate kesar peda sauce. • For garnishing: Top with chocolate pistachio and silver varq.

-By Chef Rakhee Vaswani

First Published: Sep 05, 2016 09:47 IST