An illustration in the e-zine One Of My Kind
An illustration in the e-zine One Of My Kind

10 zines you should be reading now

Cat facts to momo-making: 10 zines to discover now. Curated by the duo collecting them at a new garage-turned-bookstore in Bandra
Hindustan Times | By Soma Das
UPDATED ON JUL 21, 2016 06:34 PM IST

Cat facts to momo-making: 10 zines to discover now. Curated by Himanshu S and Aqui Thami, the duo collecting them at a new garage-turned-bookstore in Bandra


ABC’s of Anarchy
Intended for children, this alphabet zine looks at anarchy (the absence of rulers/masters) for all its loveliness rather than its wrong interpretation in the mainstream media. It delves on questions pertaining to gender roles, hierarchy, and nihilism.

Free Water vs Bottle Water
This one is an easy-to-understand guide about how we are being fooled by the bottled water industry, and why no one wants to change this.

Girls Get Busy
A feminist art and writing zine, it presents a mix of poetry and prose by women interspersed with collage, photography and paintings.

One Of My Kind

A visual, handcrafted publication, it revolves around the imagination, creativity and spirituality of women. Each issue delves on a different creative theme, exploring topics of faith, activism and identity.

The Lilith eZine
This zine is for men and women, and includes articles, essays and editorials contributed by writers on topics ranging from art history to feminism, environmental issues, technology and religion.

Available in print

This zine features facts on cats as well as drawings by children from Dharavi. It is made by kids and for kids.

This is a collaborative zine series. Each issue features works by a mix of people ranging from photographers to college students, on topics such as freedom and equality. The title is a reference to the size of the page.

Stop Making Sense
A zine that tells you to do fun and unusual things that don’t make sense at first. For instance: become a ghost to people who don’t believe in your existence.

Adventures of a Reluctant Superhero
It tells the story of a lower-middle class artist of colour and his journey through life. For him, his life and his work are the same.

Nom Nom Momo
Based on how momo-making can be nothing short of a Zen experience.


Based out of a garage on Hill Road, Bandra (W), is a new library-cum-bookshop. But what makes Underground Bookhouse different from other bookstores is their collection of limited-edition zines. Zines — independently published — are small-circulation magazines, and can include comics, illustrations, photographs, prose, and poetry.

Himanshu S (left) and Aqui Thami
Himanshu S (left) and Aqui Thami

Underground Bookhouse is founded by Himanshu S and Aqui Thami, the duo who run the Dharavi Art Room (a space for the community to explore issues through art) and the Bombay Underground collective (which runs different spaces that work as archive/libraries). Being avid collectors as well as publishers of zines, they decided to start the bookstore to draw attention to this form of alternative publishing.

“Most public libraries and bookstores are either ignorant of radical literature and zines or deliberately exclude such materials from their shelves. We find ourselves as one of the important nodes for alternative publishing,” says Himanshu.

Apart from zines, they also offer books by small publishers, “gently used” books, locally designed artist books and handmade notebooks.

Fact file

To buy the zines, visit Underground Bookhouse.
At: Underground Bookhouse, Garage 5, Luisa Apartments, behind Taj Tea House, St John the Baptist Road, near Mount Mary Steps, Bandra (W)
Call: 9773361243

You can also buy zines from:
At: VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda
Call: 2288 7070

Kulture Shop
At: Hill View 2, opposite Mehboob Studio, Bandra (W)
Call: 2655 0982

Kitab Khana
At: Flora Fountain, Fort
Call: 61702276

Paper Planes

Story Saved