Watch: Judo guru Munawar Anzar shows 10 simple self-defence tricks for girls using a pen, hair clip or hands to fight off miscreants

In the wake of the Hathras rape case that has left the country in jitters, UP Judo Association CEO and IBPJA founder Munawar Anzar shows how women can use a pen or a hair clip as a weapon or simply use their hands and heels to fight off potential rapists and miscreants on the road | Watch
Judo guru Munawar Anzar shows 10 simple self-defence tricks for girls using a pen, hair clip and hands
Judo guru Munawar Anzar shows 10 simple self-defence tricks for girls using a pen, hair clip and hands
Updated on Oct 02, 2020 07:57 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, Delhi | ByZarafshan Shiraz

As the country bays for the blood of the four Thakur boys who brutally raped a 19-year-old Dalit girl in Hathras, UP Judo Association CEO and Indian Blind and Para Judo Association founder Munawar Anzar trains girls as young as 10 years to break a leg in public. Days after she was gang raped by the four upper caste Hindu men, the teenager from Uttar Pradesh’s town succumbed to her injuries at Safdarjung hospital in Delhi on Tuesday morning.

The gory details of the victim being strangulated by the accused and biting her own tongue off in an attempt to resist the attack, has left the country in jitters and citizens now demand the culprits to be hanged to death. As the outrage and demand for justice swells, girls should learn some handy self defence tricks like the ones showed by the Judo guru, to fight off potential rapists and miscreants on the road.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the Joint Secretary of UP Olympic Association shared some must know self defence moves that can come handy for girls by using a pen, a hair clip or simply their hands and heels. “In case you feel you are being followed, pull out a pen or a hair clip and defend yourself by hitting the attacker on the face by using the object as a weapon,” he said.

The same pointed object can be struck on the thigh, side or any other part of the attacker’s body if they approach you from behind. He next revealed that if a man tries to strangle a girl, she can defend herself by clutching his neck and misbalance him by sliding one of his legs off the floor to make him fall on the ground.

“If a man grabs a woman by her hair, hold and twist his wrist to make him loosen his grip and bend it behind his back,” Munawar schooled. “If your wrist is grabbed, swing around to free yourself off his clutch and hit his chest with your free hand’s elbow,” the Judo guru listed.

Next he spilled the beans on defending yourself if both your hands have been grabbed by the attacker either by the same swinging around trick or by putting your pressure down by immediately sitting down and getting up to relieve your hands from his grip. “If a girl is grabbed from the back, she should either put her body weight down to defend herself or if she is wearing a footwear with heels, she can stamp it on his foot and free herself while he writhes in pain.”

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As the only Indian World Refree in the combat sport, Munawar has not only introduced India to blind and para judo but also made it a gamechanger for over 3,700 visually impaired and hearing impaired kids in the rural and sub-urban areas of the country. To cover up for the glaring cash crunch faced by different families amid Covid-19 and lack of facilities, given that Judo is a contact sport, Munawar has conducted free online workshops throughout the lockdown to train young girls and boys about self defence mechanism.

The alarming increase in rape cases and incidents of eve-teasing across the country calls for stricter laws and it is more crucial now than ever to teach your daughters to slap in public and break a leg.

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