5 signs that you are tricking yourself into staying in the wrong relationship: Therapist explains

From engaging in self-doubt to making excuses to justify our partner's unhealthy behavioural pattern, here are a few signs that

Published on Mar 03, 2024 07:00 PM IST 6 Photos

Often, we avoid all the signs of an unhealthy relationship and choose to stay back due to several reasons. From the uncertainty of a heartbreak to going through all the phases all over again in finding another partner, some reasons may stop us from getting out of a relationship that is not working for us. "Being in a relationship in which you feel unwanted and unloved hurts. It doesn’t matter if your partner is stressed, busy or emotionally unavailable. You are still not getting what you need from your relationship and that hurts. You’re not being too sensitive or expecting too much. You’re hurting and that pain is justified," wrote Relationship Coach Marlena Tillhon. Here are a few signs that we are tricking ourselves into staying back in the wrong relationship.(Unsplash)

When the partner behaves in a rash way, we make excuses to ourselves to justify the behaviour, in spite of knowing that it is hurting us. (Unsplash)

We downplay our emotions and refrain from expressing them. This can later lead to frustration and resentment. (Unsplash)


We try to justify ourselves that it is all our fault, and we should try to be more cautious. However, bad behaviour in a relationship, when not addressed, can lead to problems later. (Unsplash)

Instead of focusing on the relationship, we look inwards and engage in harsh self-criticism. We blame our flaws and think that we are too imperfect. (Shutterstock)