5 ways to get unstuck through movement

From shaking the body to going for a wander walk, here are a few ways to feel unstuck.

Published on Nov 20, 2023 06:01 PM IST 6 Photos

When we are in the state of feeling frozen, stuck or numb, we feel that it can be very hard to take action or change how we feel. However, physical movement can help us to feel unstuck. "When we feel stuck in an emotion, a mind-body state or a specific energy in our system, we can offer our body some gentle guidance to help it move. Movement doesn’t have to be exercise, or moving our body in big ways, in fact sometimes the subtle movement we offer our body can take us much further," wrote Therapist Alexis Florentina Borja. Ere are a few ways by which we can get unstuck through movement.(Unsplash)

Internal vibration can give us the feeling of being safe. Making sound with our mouth or pressing our hands against our ears and exhaling with sound can help. (Unsplash)

Starting with a gentle rhythmic bounce and moving the body while shaking the arms and the legs can help us to initiate the unstuck mode in the body. (Unsplash)


Swaying the body gently side by side to make it feel weightless and getting into the rhythm of it can help us to feel safer. (Unsplash)

We should go for a wander walk. Not taking into account the speed or the distance of walking, we should just let our thoughts flow as we walk around nature. (Unsplash)