Communication skills to make your partner feel seen and heard

From sharing compassion to reflecting, here are a few ways to make our partners feel seen and heard.

Published on Jun 06, 2023 04:03 PM IST 6 Photos

Many of us did not learn the proper patterns of communication while growing up – this mainly happened because of dysfunctional homes where we did not receive the necessary amounts of attention and love. However, when we are in a relationship, we need to feel heard and seen to be able to be ourselves. " It becomes our responsibility to seek out the necessary information to learn and to do better… because you, your partner, and your relationship, are worth it! The skills provided here are great to use when you are trying to work through a disagreement, trying to repair after conflict, trying to find a compromise, when your partner shares something vulnerable… and just even in daily conversation," wrote Therapist Elizabeth Fedrick as she explained the ways of communication in relationship.(Unsplash)

Reflecting on the things that the partner shared with us and understanding what they spoke helps in getting more clarity. (Unsplash)

When we are failing to understand the emotions and the words they are trying to express, we should not shut down – instead, we should ask questions and get more clarity. (Unsplash)


We should be able to validate the emotions of our partner to make them feel safe and happy in the relationship. (Unsplash)

More than anything, we all are seeking validation of our feelings, and when we receive it from the one we love, we feel safer. (Unsplash)