Fall self-care activities: Tips to create your own glimmers

From going for a walk in nature to cosying in a blanket with a cup of hot coffee, here are

Published on Sep 24, 2023 11:56 AM IST 6 Photos

Winter brings the smell of festivities in the air. The thought of the year ending and another fresh year coming our way is a beautiful way of finding joy in life. However, the onset of winter can also act as triggers for mood swings and depression in many people. "Happy Fall! Mindfulness for me this season, means embracing the beauty of autumn with cider sips, cozy sweaters, and the soothing sounds of crunching leaves," wrote Therapist Andrea Evgeniou as she shared a few self-care tips.(Unsplash)

Taking a warm bath with the favourite fall-scented shampoo and lotions can help us to welcome the season with all its beauty. (Unsplash)

While it is important that we should not catch a cold, sometimes we should let ourselves breathe in the crisp cold air while cleaning the room to enjoy the season. (Unsplash)


Rolling inside our favourite sweaters or blankets can help us feel safe and happy. (Unsplash)

Going for a walk in nature, with fallen leaves crunching under the footsteps is a nice way of welcoming the season. (Unsplash)