How therapy addresses trauma: Therapist shares insights

From rewiring the neural pathways to shifting how the mind recalls trauma, here are a few ways by which therapy

Published on Oct 04, 2023 03:01 PM IST 6 Photos

When we deal with trauma and past experiences, often therapy is the solution. Seeking professional help enables us to get more clarity about our thoughts, actions and the way forward. "Therapy can provide a holistic approach to addressing trauma symptoms, promoting healing and resilience," wrote Therapist Andrea Evgeniou. Here are a few ways by which therapy addresses trauma.(Unsplash)

Trauma often affects the functioning of the brain leading to various neurological responses. With therapy, we can rewire the pathways. (Unsplash)

Trauma carries an emotional charge. With therapy, when we address the trauma, we help in reducing the emotional charge, thereby shifting the way the mind recalls the trauma. (Unsplash)


Therapy is a safe space to be vulnerable and share trauma. This helps us to share, process and regulate our emotions. (Unsplash)

Sometimes trauma can be stored in the body as well, leading to physical symptoms. With therapy, we can incorporate somatic practices to release tension from the body. (Unsplash)