How to actually hear your partner: Therapist shares tips

From articulating their emotions in our words to creating a healthy space for them to offer more clarity, here are

Published on Apr 17, 2024 07:50 PM IST 6 Photos

In a relationship, listening to understand is very important, rather than listening to respond. When we start to respond and interrupt the partner in the middle of their discussion, we start to make them feel that they are not valued. "If you and your partner struggle with feeling heard, reflection is a tool that can help you listen and show you are hearing more effectively," wrote Couples Therapist Marina Rosenthal.(Unsplash)

After the partner shares their thoughts and feelings, we can try to understand and summerise their words and tell them what we understood. (Unsplash)

This practice will help in gaining more clarity and will help the partner to know that we care enough to understand how they are feeling. (Unsplash)


We can articulate their words and emotions in our own words and explain to them the way we understood their emotions. 

We should create a healthy space for offering more clarity in the conversation by the partner so that they can correct us if we are wrong. (Unsplash)