How to compartmentalise during a fight? Couples Therapist shares tips

From getting some perspective to addressing it at an appropriate time, here are a few ways to compartmentalise during a

Published on Apr 24, 2024 05:00 PM IST 6 Photos

Closeness and intimacy can also be the reason of relationship fights if two people are not synced enough, (Unsplash)

The timing to address a conflict is very important. Not always are we going to be in the mindset of addressing an issue in a healthy way. Choose the time. (Unsplash)

Instead of giving each other the cold treatment, we should articulate that we are not in the position to address the conflict right away. Giving space to conflict is important. (Pixabay)


Sometimes it is important to get some distance from each other and view the problem from a third person perspective. This helps in developing our opinions and finding solutions. (Unsplash)

Being in the middle of a conflict can make us passively aggressive towards each other. We should manage our vibes. (Unsplash)