How to overcome insecurities in life and relationships? Expert shares tips

From identifying emotions to building positivity, here are a few ways to combat insecurities.

Published on Sep 21, 2023 04:05 PM IST 5 Photos

Be it jealousy, possessiveness, fear of failure, fear of rejection or the sense of not feeling good enough, we go through several insecurities in our lives and relationships. With a little clarity and awareness, we can help ourselves to combat these insecurities and focus on the positives of life. Life and Relationship Coach Aryn Jones shared a few tips by which we can overcome our insecurities.(Unsplash)

Identifying the emotions that show up when we are insecure can help us to delve deep into the past experiences we have and the way it started. (Unsplash)

Knowing about the origin of the emotion and when it started for the first time can help us to figure out the past traumas that have impacted the same. (Unsplash)


This awareness will further help us to understand how this emotion acts as a trigger and initiates a negative sense of self in us. (Unsplash)

We need to take conscious effort in breaking down the sense of negativity and building positive self-belief. (Unsplash)




Things that make us authentic: Therapist shares tips

When we start to accept and embrace our true selves, we immediately become more authentic and more real. "Embracing your true self allows for a more profound understanding of personal values, beliefs, and emotions, promoting a sense of wholeness and self-compassion. The pursuit of authenticity leads to you navigating life with a sense of purpose. In a world that often encourages conformity, the courage to be authentic not only enhances individual wellbeing but also cultivates richer and far more meaningful connections in both personal and professional arenas," wrote Therapist Israa Nasir. Here are a few things that make us more authentic.
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Detoxifying the body time and again is very important. Mindful consumption of ayurvedic herbs helps in detoxifying the body. "Ayurveda considers the individual's constitution and overall lifestyle, so a personalised guidance from Ayurvedic doctors can be beneficial," wrote Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee as she shared a few ayurvedic herbs that can help in detoxification.
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Parenting can be tricky. Sometimes the children may refuse to cooperate and listen to us. While these are common parts of parenting, it can also trigger a parent. Instead of taking actions against the kids right away, we need to delve deeper and know why they are refusing to listen to us. Psychologist Jazmine McCoy shared the common reasons.
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Complex PTSD: Alternative strategies and activities to promote healing

Complex PTSD or Complex post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition when a person experiences the symptoms of PTSD with additional symptom. " Mindfulness is often promoted as a key strategy in healing from trauma, especially Complex PTSD. But we understand that traditional mindfulness exercises may not always resonate with everyone, particularly those who've experienced chronic trauma," wrote Therapist Linda Meredith. Here are a few alternative strategies to promote healing.
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Shanaya Kapoor is a total stunner who can pull off any look to perfection. Whether it's a mini-dress or a red-carpet-worthy gown, the stylish Gen Z actress knows how to turn heads with her incredible style. Shanaya is quite active on social media and her Insta-diaries filled with stunning looks are a treasure trove of fashion inspiration for all her followers. Her latest look in a sparkly mini dress is no exception and is sure to leave you in awe. The gorgeous diva is raising the temperature with her striking appearance and undeniable beauty. 
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