Obsessive indecision: Here's what it looks like

From second-guessing ourselves to being stuck in the cycle of overthinking, here are a few signs of Obsessive Indecision we

Published on Feb 21, 2024 01:16 PM IST 6 Photos

Obsessive Indecision, also known as analysis paralysis, is a condition where a person faces difficulty in taking decisions because of overthinking and the fear of making wrong choices. Therapist Maythal Eshaghian explained this and shared a few signs of Obsessive Indecision. Take a look.(Unsplash)

We have difficulty in prioritising options, and hence, that makes it difficult for us to take decisions and choose the better option. (Unsplash)

We are always second-guessing ourselves and our choices, and hence end up fearing that we made the wrong decision. (Unsplash)


We are stuck in the cycle of overthinking and anxiety – we face difficulty in moving forward. (Unsplash)

We constantly struggle to make choices and fear that we will end up making the wrong decision. (Unsplash)