Reasons why it may be hard to express your needs

From seeing vulnerability as a weakness to not being in touch with our feelings, here are a few reasons why

Published on Oct 04, 2023 04:10 PM IST 6 Photos

Not knowing how to share our needs, wants and expectations can create a lot of stress in a relationship. Addressing this, Therapist Allyson Kellum-Aguirre wrote, "Without communication, relationships will suffer. The ability to express yourself allows you to build emotional safety in your relationship, which is essential in building a healthy bond and connection in your relationship." She further noted down a few reasons why it may be hard to express our needs.(Unsplash)

Sometimes we are not in touch with our own feelings – this is one of the primary reasons why we are not sure what we want to express. (Unsplash)

Often when we are brought up in dysfunctional homes, we are taught that expressing our needs is a sign of weakness. Hence, we refrain from doing it. (Unsplash)


In dysfunctional homes ⁣, being vulnerable is shamed. Hence, people refrain from being vulnerable in their adult relationships as well. (Unsplash)

Sometimes we do not feel emotionally safe in a relationship or in the company of someone to express our own needs. (Unsplash)