Stretch marks, dark circles post-pregnancy? Easy tips to take care of your skin

Pregnancy can bring a host of skin troubles from stretch marks, dark spots, dark circles to puffy eyes due to

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Apart from the many changes that motherhood brings, skin problems from dark circles to stretch marks tend to trouble new mothers who mostly ignore these issues due to increase in their responsibilities. Self care is as important as caring for the infant. Here are expert tips to deal with your post-pregnancy skin woes.(Unsplash)

Updated on Sep 03, 2021 06:29 PM IST
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Eat right: A nutritious diet is a key to a healthy skin. “First thing the new mothers need to do is increase the intake of water and include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, which would nurture the skin internally. The key to a flawless and vibrant skin is sound sleep, nutritious diet comprising green vegetables, whole milk dairy products and fresh fruits,” says Dr Smita Vats, a gynaecologist at Gurugram-based Medharbour Boutique hospital.(Unsplash)

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Go natural to get rid of stretch marks: Having stretch marks is one of the top skincare concerns among new moms and it's important to tackle them right. “New moms often worry about whether or not they would be able to get rid of those stretch marks, and the speculation is not really unwarranted. The most common mistake many of them commit is using chemical-laden products to get instant results. While the results might appear to be quicker, the after effect is irreversible and not conducive to their wellbeing. Hence, they should switch to Ayurvedic and other natural ingredients," says Dr Himanshu Gandhi, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mother Sparsh. “Instead of going for any random stretch mark reduction cream, they should opt for more nurturing solutions like toning butter. The toning butter improves skin resiliency for benefit in the long run," he adds.(Unsplash)

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Tackling Melasma: Another problem that new mother face is Melasma which causes patches of discolouration. One is advised to use a good quality sunscreen of spf 30 or more. "They can also consult their cosmetologist for a procedural session to fade away the melasma lesions," says Dr Vatsal Panwar – a skin expert at Medharbour hospital.(Instagram)

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Acne solution: "Another common post-pregnancy problem is acne breakouts, which is triggered by high progesterone levels, but it can be tackled using an oil controlling cleanser twice a day or as prescribed by the doctor,” says Dr. Panwar.(Unsplash)

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Dark circles or puffy eyes: For those women who develop dark circles and puffy eyes due to hormonal changes or lack of sleep, the easiest and smartest way out is taking short naps along with the baby. They can also massage under eye are with vitamin E rich undereye cream, adds Dr. Panwar.(Instagram)

Updated on Sep 03, 2021 06:29 PM IST